Why it is important to do IT training

We constantly hear about how technology is taking over. Let’s face it, we see it daily.
When we go to the shop; you can simply tap your bank card on the card machine – and your transaction is done. Your money went off your account – just like that
So instead of staying in the 80’s; it is important to move ahead with the times.
If you don’t, you might find yourself kicked out and looking for another job. Or being stuck in one job role for years and years to come.
The fact is, Information Technology is taking over and if you do not have the skills to work in that environment; you are surely in need to get upskilled – and fast!
Let’s look at the benefits:

  • The more skills you have; the bigger the job pool and opportunities
  • There are always entry level work
  • Career Growth
  • Growing and learning something new
  • Confidence booster (who doesn’t like to be the ‘smart’ one regarding a specific topic in the conversation?)
  • Job satisfaction
  • The all-important – taking more money home at the end of the month

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