Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

“Dear Nqobani and Amanda

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend the course; I have successfully passed the CISSP exam today.

@Nqobani, your ideas, input and enthusiasm were very helpful and instrumental in me passing. Thank you for your contribution, time and effort.


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

“Taking part on the course added more information on top of the basic knowledge I had. The instructor was clear and easy to follow. I will be using the knowledge gained moving forward. Thank you Richard Gomo.”

Blanche Ortlepp

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Value

“I enjoyed studying the intermediate and advanced Excel course through MasterGrade IT. I found the lecture super clear and easy to follow. I will highly recommend their classes to anyone wanting to improve on their skills!”

Sir Cornelius Paul

“Completed my CEH training last week. I was a bit skeptical regarding the whole online training but, it work out very well, we had an awesome instructor Mr Nqobani Nkala. I also received a great service from the account executive manager who was assisting me, Mr Morgan Thaver, great guy 👌”

Julian Primoe

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

“I never had the change to study at MasterGrade but what i have heard and see on Facebook they get good result from their students. I have a few ex colleagues that study with Mastergrade and all them advise me if i want to do short ccourse with MasterGrade. Course is affordable and the lectures are willing ti help and the same with all online staff. This is what i can promise is that MasterGrade will be my choice of learn to enhance my IT career MasterGrade keep up the good work.”


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Value

“MasterGradeIT offers the best training environment. Many thanks to Leandri who welcomed me to the MasterGradeIT family,she gave me advise before i started with my Cyber Security course. Leandri assisted and supported me throughout my e learning journey, whenever i had questions she was always there to assist. I highly recommend MasterGradeIT to anyone who wants to pursue a career in IT all because of their professionalism and superb customer service.”

Adriana Do Val

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

“I had an online course at MasterGrade IT. Due to the South African Airway strike, I wasn’t able to travel to SA to take the course, promptly the school found a solution proposing online lessons, which was a great solution. I felt in the classroom while taking the online course but in the comfort of my house plus I was helping the environment. In these days of confinement, the online live stream course is a great option without lossing quality in the contects. MasterGrade IT can propose that and I do recommend it 100%, I had a great experience, the teacher is highly qualified and extremely professional.”

saskia diem

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course by MasterGrade IT. It definitely refreshed a lot of old knowledge on Excel and expanded on it too. The facilitator kept the class”

Zwiaitea Mukwevho

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

“leandri asisted in choosing the right course to get a skills in my new career .. gosh the first week i wanted to quit cause it was And stil overwhelming but she was very supportive till now as I am still continue…the class room coordinator he was very supportive.patient and fair ..thank u blessing James.”

Aziz Boolay

“I would recommend anybody to study at MasterGrade IT. Their consultants and course facilitators genuinely care about what’s best for the student and their students achieving success. Friendly people, from management to admin and cleaning staff.
Receptionist was always helpful and Lunch provided with my course was a welcomed bonus to top off the awesome company – from when you walk in till when you visit after the course its like you know each other forever and a day – its a real pity i could not hang out with some ppl more often :-)
will be returning to write Further Exams and doing Further SQL courses and Microsoft Access Courses where possible.”

Chchy Makanya

“As a person who does not have an IT background at all, i found MasterGrade IT to be the best place to start my career into the IT field. The MyChoice campus sessions are very helpful as i am introduced to new things which are fundamental to my career through virtual learning. Salem and his team of instructors then simplify the content to the level that i understand.
We also get involved in discussions and practicals which help us understand better, the things we do during the campus sessions and have a first hand experience of it.My AE, Morgan also checks in with me from time to time to check my progress and also if i need help with anything as well as the reception team.”

mac Anthony on enobi ndornyah The

“The practical was very excellent and the instructor was quite explicit with the explanations and response to the questions. Thank you very much Salem”.

Relictium Gold

“I recently did my CompTIA A+ course had Salem as my Instuctor.. we touched on networking in the coarse and here i am 2 days later starting with my CompTIA Net+
Great vibe.
Great staff.
Just all around good experience.”

Andrew Huisamen

“The practical was most valuable and informative. Well done Salem.”

Jorge Santana

“its making me more confident than I was before about Network
Thank you Salem.”

Riana Mews

“Dear Havon
I really enjoyed your course, You are at the right place in your life. Teaching others. If only I had teachers like you at school.
I have never experienced such a lovely presented, down to earth, straight to the point.”

Alberto Afonso

“I highly recommend Mastergrade IT, beautiful facilities, good instructors.”

Robert Mandio

“thank you for the N+ practical salem
it opened my mind.”

Ashley Auxab

“MasterGrade IT is an excellent institution. I came all the way from Namibia to certify my CISA certification. Thanks to Nolan (sales executive) for making sure I attended my classes as scheduled and Havon my trainer. Havon is brilliant and …More”

Jared Livesey

“Thanks for the informative N+ practical workshop, Thanks Salem.”

Enos Letsoalo

“I am happy about how the ethical hacking course was presented. It was more technical and exciting.”

Tonderai Muchenje

It was a nice experience learning about security. The facilitators was excellence and I can recommend to anyone interested in security to take up the course.

Masipa Makhutha Brian

“Best place for one to start a career and keep pushing for more ISACA certificate. Best educator I have ever had and he takes time to explain each and every query that one might have. Havon August keep up the good work and always push for more. You are one of the best educators I have ever come across.”

Busisiwe Ngqolwa

“Leandri assisted me in choosing the right course to get the skill I needed to advance my career and she was absolutely supportive from the first class till after I was done. The class coordinators were also informative and supportive.”

Sapho Maqhwazima

“Did my CEH – ILT course here and the material, the learning outcomes and our trainer Nqobani has changed me for the better. 5 stars all the way.Thank you!”

Nicholas Brophey

“Havon…thumbs up my Man…Master grade IT you have a winning recipe with him in the kitchen…Best facilitation and Team Building i have ever had hands down.
I cannot wait for our next one to happen in January again,Just to kick off the Year with your Positivism Havon.
Thank You again”

Ayanda Shabalala

“The training was fruitful and I gained a lot from the training. I can recommend others to attend the training.”

Mike Miller

I highly recommend MasterGrade IT to anyone wanting to study the Information Technology Sector. They are extremely helpful and passionate about the IT industry. Highly recommended. Well Done Guys! Definitely coming back.

Bongisizwe Buthelezi

“Ethical Hacking course from MasterGrade IT is the way to go, thank you Nqobani Nkala for being the best instructor for such an amazing course.”

Resenga Mahlahlane

“the training instructor was great and the training its was excellent. i will recommend to the others.”

Topside Mathonsi


The course was great. Nqobani Nkala made the course to be very interesting.”

Pat Smith

“the Communication Fundamentals Course that Havon did at our company was the best i had in Ages…and i’m old…he made me laugh but also got me to understand and remember what true Customer service is all about…

In truth…the Best thing since Sliced Cheese…Keep it Up…”

Chantel Zawadi

“the course was very helpful though the time was limited, the information was a lot and needed more time to go through them.”

Z Mapundu

“What a wonderful experience and exposure to EC council course, Mr Nqobani Nkala facilitated it well at a professional level. Im impressed by his theoretical and practical demonstration to real world scenarios. Now Im ready for my exams and ready to deliver the content to my Tshwane University of Technology come year 2020 and on wards.”

Nazirk Han

“I would recommend anybody to study at MasterGrade IT. Their consultants and course facilitators genuinely care about what’s best for the customer and the student achieving success. This led me to achieving my CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications with their guidance and support. Friendly people, from management to admin and cleaning staff. – Bradley S. Lewis.”

Denver Abrahams

“Thank you To Mastergrade.

Through your training and Teambuilding i have truly learned Alot.
It is defnitly usefull in my current job.
Our facilitator Hvon truly did an outstanding job.”

rukea jassiem

“A superb experience! Master Grade IT is an outstanding company. I gained a great deal of knowledge in a limited amount of time. I would definitely recommend them anytime!”


“Overwhelmed by the reception, loving staff, tutors well informed and deliver to their best ability. “First impression last longer!” You will be missed for all the goodies you applied during my stay in MasterGradeIT. You are the best, I will turn to be your ambassador in my country spreading your good work. Keep it UP!”

Ransford Bonney

“Very professional institution. Good for both theory and practical experiences.
One on one done was perfect and allowed detail work.”

Kins N

“exceptionally Good. one stop Centre.”

Oiram Noslik

“Very professional in IT field all I needed I found here, and what you need is here too, I recommend, very good place to learn and update your skills, and the people here are very friendly and helpful MasterGrade IT for sure… come and meet Leandri she is very professional and will get you in the right course and with a high knowledge in what is more important and profitable for you…come, talk, see and work .. I am telling you MasterGrade for Sure.”

Lizel Mentoor

“What a wonderful company. Best service I’ve received in a while. The trainer Jean-Leigh was so helpful and patient with the ladies taking part in the training. We had a wonderful time and best of all is the training took place at our premises. Thank you Master Grade IT!”

sy knoxville

“On the first day in MasterGrade IT , i was all over the show the place with my programming i had no idea where i stood in the world of programming, i jumped from python to C# and then Javascript to java. I was completely all over the place , But once i reached mastergrade i recieved all the help i needed to accomplish my initial goal , to become a better program developer in C# and python. Thanks to MasterGrade i am getting one step closer to my goal…Sifiso.”

Salem Mpunga

“i’ve spent my best times there as a student mastergradeit the best ever.”

Mohamed Alimamy Fofanah

“MasterGrade IT is an outstanding IT Institution when it comes to training IT Professionals. Their training method is very good and always be and patient with their trainees in terms of imparting the knowledge. One among them is Glodi who is always ready to come to your aid when the need arise. Keep it up and hope to come again for another training.”

James Mtimunye

“The best service,i have learn a lots from this course.”


“I need to tell whole people wants become the best enginner networking come rejoin us at mastergradeit for cachet up your dream…”

Terence Pillay

“Really good learning environment. A must for any IT candidate or professional. With a wide variety of IT courses offered and the smart and savvy Lecturers, MasterGrade really makes you understand the concepts taught and assists in pushing the IT boundaries to reach tomorrow, today.”

tresor nyengwa

“mastergradeIT is the best place to start your career in IT, I really enjoyed big thanks to Mario.”

Omphile Mothusi

“I was looking to improve my understanding on information security through the CISM course and I enrolled with Master Grade IT in Capetown.This institution has helped me a lot in providing the knowledge that i needed in order for me to improve our security posture, grow and get where i am today.The staff there are very knowledgeable, friendly and they had the best answers in the subject and the class was fun because of the interactions and real life examples…I would recommend anyone to go to Master Grade IT .I wish all the staff and management all the best and thank you for giving me the best knowledge when i needed it Mr. Nkala.”

Simplified IT

“What an awesome morning stressed about my exam but friendly welcoming greeting by Misqah making me feel at home so a refreshing start. Highly welcomed experience, as the staff walking in giving a friendly greet. Thanks Mark.”

Zilca Mansaray

“This is the best IT training place I have ever been. Friendly environment, staff and trainers make you feel at home and always ready to assist. I will definitely recommend MastergradeIT to my colleagues and friends.”

Wilson Scott

“MasterGradeIT Computer & IT TRAINING Institution is an outstanding IT Institution especially in terms of training IT Professionals and Non IT Personnel. Their training method is very good and Knowledgeable, they are patient with their trainees in terms of imparting the knowledge. One among them is Glodi who is always ready to come to your aid when the need arise. i most say thanks to him for guiding me through this process. Keep it up and hope to come next time for another course training in shorter period of time.”

AK Purdon

“Jean-Leigh is fantastic. So friendly and easy to talk to, ask questions, etc. I recommend the Excel course.”

Cherman Osman

“I have had the pleasure of learning from very skilled individuals while studying at Master Grade IT. The facilitators are knowledgeable enough to explain in detail to help you understand. The support staff was nothing, but a pleasure to deal with, very accommodating when booking a slot, as well as understanding if you cannot attend. Amanda, the representative that signed me up for my courses was very helpful and professional in helping me select my courses. I advised her what my budget was and she tailored my course. I’m currently employed as a systems administrator, Master Grade IT is part of the building blocks that got me where I am today, also my current manager also studied there, so that was a plus as he also agrees that MasterGrade IT adds value to your personal growth as a IT professional. I would definitely recommend MasterGrade IT for any individual wanting to Study towards a certification in the IT field or for those already in the field wanting to advance their career.”

Werner Breedt

“Studying a new subject requires patience, hard work and dedication. The Trojan horse however, is when you struggle and simply cannot fathom the structure or intricacies of this subject. This is where the excellent tutors and staff at MasterGrade IT come into play. They will go out of their way to help you grasp the new concepts and equip you with the knowledge required to master the material. The booking procedure and the sessions spent in one of their professional labs have been an absolute pleasure. If anyone is interested in studying towards an IT goal, MasterGrade IT is the the definition of proficiency and professionalism you will require to boost your learning experience or career.”

Siya Ramba

“Master Grade IT has equiped me with some vital skills and resources that have the potential of changing the trajectory of my career path, and has opened me up to a myriad of possibilities.
Keegan was an amazing lecturer, who was able to impart information in a fun and interactive manner.
Thank You Master Grade IT!”

Joao Celso Rafael Zibia

“I liked to be here, it was a fantastic experience the interaction with the staff seems like i was in here before.
The training was fine too, but little thing is regarding to lab sessions was few. In general was good experience.”

Chemorney Arendse

“Absolutely wonderful service and advise from Mastergrade IT consultant Mizqah. Thank you for being so patient with me, through all my 1 million questions. I was so unsure as to where to start, as I am embarking a totally new path. I know nothing about IT, but you were brilliant in the advise you gave me and also your encouragement to just believe in myself. Thank you!”

Tembelani Gayiya

“With experienced,professional and friendly staff, this IT training institution is my first choice by a long way.”

David Zimri

“the trainers are real proper in the way they teach you , MasterGradeIT helped me alot with understanding what i didnt understand before. thats why ill recommend it to anyone.”

Tessa Mbopa

“Training has shed a whole of light for me as I don’t have much experience in IT. Looking forward to more learning. Thank you.”

Kauthar de vries

“Great company, great staff,great instructors and overall fantastic learning environment!”

Opelo July

“I just completed my CISM training at MasterGrade IT, quite a friendly environment to train with. I had a great and informative session with my instructor; Nqobani Nkala. I now have a great understanding of CISM content and very much ready to take on the certification exam.
Thank you MasterGrade IT, i will sure be back.”

Deborah Contell

“I enjoyed being able to learn at my own pace and was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism, patience, understanding & helpfulness of my trainer. I would definitely recommend MasterGrade IT to anyone whom is wanting to learn computer skills whether it be a beginner or an already skilled person. I also can highly recommend my consultant Tamuka whom showed professionalism in every aspect whilst dealing with me. Thank you MasterGrade for enabling me to learn new things.”

Mpho Ngubane

Its great if you want to further your understanding in A+.

Philiswa Madondo

“I did Microsoft Project Advanced training with Havon August as my trainer, it was great experience , assisting every step of the way. If you are looking for any software training Mastergrade IT is a place to be and affordable prices.”

Gugla Ntuli

“Interactivity kept things interesting. Plenty of time for conversation. Nice size of group.”

Francis Milambo

“Had a good class experience with our instructor Havon August. His knowledge of the course (CISA) is amazing. The other staff (Account executives and everyone else) were super helpful, supportive and friendly!!!!”