I’ve never met anyone who ‘likes’ to study. Let’s be honest, it is certainly not the most fun thing to do. That being said, the job market is extremely competitive and if you want to stay ahead and on top – studying will and must be a part of your career development and personal growth.

Knowing how to study, will certainly make it easier. We all are different and different techniques works for different people. You have to find what works for you.

Below are a few tips and tricks (you might just find the thing that works for you)

– – Set up a study location:

Having an environment where you feel relaxed and not distracted is really important. This location should make you feel happy and inspired.

— Find your best time:
Some people work better in the morning. Others study better at night. Find what works for you and plan to study then.

— Study every day:

If you continue to study daily, you will continually be reviewing what you have studied in your mind. This helps to understand better and certainly helps avoiding the stress of last minute cramming.
— Draw Charts/Write things down:

If you take things in when it’s in a picture – draw charts, mindmaps and graphs – whatever is needed for you to make your study process easier.

Some of us prefer to write everything down. If that is what you need, make sure you do that.

— Schedule study times and breaks:

It is important to schedule your study times. Have specific times allocated towards your studies. This will force you to do exactly that!

Make sure that you take breaks in between studying. No one can focus for hours on end. Studying/working too long on a certain task, decreases your performance (Yes, go have that coffee break)

The above are just very few things that could be of benefit to your studies and study time.

Let us know what works for you!

Happy Studies!