I’ve always had a passion for computers and networks. Since a young girl, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. So far, life has not been easy for me. Growing up in Brazzaville, Congo, we were poor and had a tough upbringing. I wanted more. I wanted to see more. As a child – and still today – I loved singing. It makes me happy and forget my problems for a few moments. (Learning to play piano, is also on my to do list).

It’s my dream to one day see and perhaps live in Canada. It looks so beautiful. I know staying home, won’t help me achieve that. I had to get out.

I finished school and really wanted to study further, however my parents did not have money for me. My parents got divorced when I was a young child and my dad remarried. He did not have money for me to go to University or study further.  But I had a dream of a better life and luckily for me, I had support. My Uncle is my inspiration. He never had it easy, but he also believed in never giving up and working for what you want. He really pushed, supported and financially assisted me to make sure that I go for my dreams

I decided to come to South Africa. I have not been here long. I arrived in December 2019. Unluckily with the Covid pandemic happening, I have not been able to go out and experience Cape Town as much as I want to, but I know that I will have the chance to do that. For now, I’m focusing on my goals.

When I arrived in South Africa, I realized first thing first, I need to study English. Learning IT in French is not easy, as so many of the terms used, is English. So, I went to a school to learn English. I knew I had to get a job to support myself financially. I got a job working in a call center – I was there for 2 years. I was bored! This is not what I wanted to do with my life. But, I knew I was there because I was saving up to pay for my studies. Once I was able to, I left my job to become a full time student.

I had a friend who referred me to MasterGrade IT.  I went onto the website – loved it – and then enrolled. I’m currently studying PC Technician. The staff are super friendly and helpful. Great quality training and learning environment. I even referred a colleague of mine. He’s actually sitting just opposite me.

I have five brothers and I am the eldest child. I am not just studying towards my dream career, but I’m studying so that I can send money home to help my brothers. I want them to have an easier life than I had. I want them to be able to study whatever their hearts desire

I still have a long way to go, but my Uncle’s words always ring in my ears: “You are not guaranteed anything in life. Work for what you want to achieve” . That is exactly what I’m doing.