I – or should I say we – were born in Cape Town. With ‘we’, I’m talking about myself and my identical twin brother. I’m the older one, by a whole three minutes.  Being part of twins,  means  that I’ve never been alone. Not even in the womb! We are always together. Which I love, I mean, I don’t know anything else.  Of course, we have our arguments, but that’s understandable. Being one of twins, I also feel the need to become my own person. It’s always me and my brother. I do feel the need to make my own mark.

After school, I worked at a clothing store as a shop assistant, just to help out. Not that I think my parents needed the help as such, but it was important for me to step up. Unfortunately that was a short contract and when it finished I was back at home on the couch. I spend months at home, enjoying console gaming, reading drama’s and spending time with our family dog. I love that fluffball of mine so much. Aren’t animals amazing? I’m a dog lover.

After a few months of – let’s call it – “me time”, my uncle spoke to me and said that I need to start doing something. There are loads of opportunities in IT and he suggested I look at that field.

I was lucky enough that my uncle – who lives in New Zealand  – has the opportunity to help myself (and my brother) to study further.  When my studies are completed, I am able to join my uncle in New Zealand, as he has a possible job offer for me.

So, IT Training it is. I’m currently studying my A+ at MasterGrade IT.  I might have not chosen the training centre myself (my uncle did all the research from NZ and decided that MasterGrade IT was the best option), but I am the one who are enjoying the full benefits of being a student here. I enjoy the environment and the staff is friendly. If I’m honest, I don’t know where I want to be in the next 10 years, but while I’m figuring that out, I’m investing in myself. I do know that I’m enjoying my studies and I’m excited to see what doors this training will open up for me.