This lovely lady, is Senior Gono and she is a 21 year old full time student at MasterGrade IT.

Senior is a proud Zimbabwean woman and is looking forward to go back home in the future. The reason she came to South Africa? Well, she says the answer is simple. I wanted to have better opportunities. Senior moved to South Africa approximately 5 years ago, which her parents and 2 siblings.

Senior just completed the first step to achieving her Comptia A+ certification. She has successfully completed her first A+ exam and is studying towards her second exam. Except for being a full time student, Senior enjoys watching TV. She loves watching series. Her favourite TV shows are actually Indian shows. Her other passion is baking. She loves cooking too – but she simply loves baking. (I hope she knows we expect some lovely muffins when she comes in during the week)

MasterGrade IT was her preferred training partner, as she really enjoys the flexibility and the personal attention. “You immediately feel welcome and that they actually care about you and your future plans. I can study and get certified and walk into the job market.”

Senior is working towards becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker. She finds the IT Security industry fascinating – for a few reasons: Great Job Opportunities; Salaries are really good and she really likes the idea of stopping the bad guys

Upon asking what inspired her? She said that she feels that as a woman, she needs to be able to provide for herself and make sure that we are set for the future. It’s also important to be able to provide for your loved ones and parents in their old age.

We are really proud of each student, but there really is something special about a young woman who knows where she is going and determined to reach her goal.
You go, Senior!