Junaid is a shy, but lovely 20 year old who has big ice cream dreams. Yes, I said Ice Cream; but I will get back to that shortly.

Junaid is a student at MasterGrade IT and he has succesfully completed his Comptia A+ training and exams. He is now officially COmptia A+ certified  (if you want to know how you can do that too – contact us)
Junaid is a full time student and his next course is the Comptia Network+
Let’s get back to the ice cream (drooling already). In his spare time, Junaid makes his own ice cream  – not it is not flavoured ice – it is the real deal. He also sells his ice cream. Which is providing him with the entrepreneurial skills he will need in the next few years.

You see Junaid wants to open his own business. A Local Game Store
The part I love about the game store is that it’s board games – and not the initial pc games we would typically assume a young gentleman would be interested in. Junaid loves playing board games and would like to open his own shop where people of all ages can come together and socialise while playing.

Why is he studying with MasterGrade IT? Well, he says that was an easy decision. It’s flexible, he enjoys the learning environment and he likes the idea that it allows him to be an adult.
His wise words for his peers: “You cannot rely on your parents or anyone else for that matter, to provide for you forever. You have to do something to provide for yourself.”