Despite all the chaos around us, most IT and cybersecurity jobs are classified as “essential” or National Critical Functions. As cybercriminals and nation-state actors take advantage of diverted attention and attack systems at an alarming rate, the need for cybersecurity is more than ever before. Even if we tide over this pandemic in a few months, the world of cybersecurity will still be grossly understaffed and need professionals like you to fill those ranks.

Come join us for a free webinar on “Fastest Growing Ethical Hacking Market – India” where you will get a clear understanding of:

  • What the cybersecurity Industry is like in India
  • What are the various jobs available and their salary scale
  • How India compares with the world when it comes to cybersecurity

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About the Trainer: Shruthi Gupta

is a trainer in Security Testing, with a special focus in Penetration Testing. Trying out different security challenges and researching various related technologies for increasing knowledge and understanding of the various fields of security is a part of what she does. She also provides training to students from varied backgrounds and age groups and in varied numbers as well as internal staff.