JavaScript Advanced Programming Overview

JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-oriented scripting language. JavaScript is a small, lightweight language; it is not useful as a standalone language, but is designed for easy embedding in other products and applications, such as web browsers. Inside a host environment, JavaScript can be connected to the objects of its environment to provide programmatic control over them.
If you work as a font-end developer or you plan to develop JavaScript applications, libraries, or frameworks, it is essential that you understand the aforementioned advanced JavaScript topics, because you will not be able to develop complex JavaScript applications without knowing them. Moreover, when you are familiar with all the best JavaScript techniques, even if you don’t remember how to use them, you can easily look them up and use them in powerful ways to make your application run faster, load faster, use less code, reuse code, and perform optimally. Overall, you will use JavaScript as a Jedi would a lightsaber—you will easily vanquish every JS challenge with ease , eliminate bugs with relish, and execute tasks in an instant, compared with your previous apprentice self

Instructor Led Learning

Duration: 3 Days
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Video Learning

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What you will learn

  • Lesson 1: Using Programming Techniques
  • Lesson 2: Implementing Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Lesson 3: Using Custom Objects in JavaScript
  • Lesson 4: Working with Arrays
  • Lesson 5: Handling Cookies Using JavaScript
  • Lesson 6: Validating Forms Using JavaScrip
  • Lesson 7: Programming Using DOM API
  • Lesson 8: Working with DHTML
  • Lesson 9: Communicating with Applets and Server Applications


Unit 01 – Using Programming Techniques

  • Maintaining java script code Libraries
  • Debug JavaScript Code

Unit 02 – Implementing Cross-Browser Compatibility

  • Provide Support For Multiple Browsers
  • Detect Browser Compatibility
  • Detect Browser and JavaScript versions
  • Detect Objects
  • Handle Exceptions

Unit 03 – Using Custom Objects in JavaScript

  • Access Custom Objects
  • Use Constructor Functions
  • Add Methods to Objects
  • Use Prototype Function

Unit 04 – Working with Arrays

  • Create and Populate Arrays
  • Delete Array Elements
  • Use Multi-Dimensional Arrays

Unit 05 – Handling Cookies Using JavaScript

  • Use Cookie Objects
  • Store Cookies
  • Process Cookie Values
  • Delete Cookies

Unit 06 – Validating Forms Using JavaScript

  • Validate Forms Using the Generic Approach
  • Implement Generic Validation Using Custom Objects

Unit 07 – Programming Using DOM API

  • Traverse Documents
  • Modify Documents
  • Append Nodes to Documents

Unit 08 – Working with DHTML

  • Change Element Appearance Dynamically
  • Assign and Position Elements Dynamically

Unit 09 – Communicating with Applets and Server Applications

  • Communicate with Java Applets
  • Communicate with Shockwave Files
  • Communicate with ActiveX
  • Communicate with Server Applications

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