Security Awareness Program, Concepts and Practices Course Overview

Security Awareness Program, Concepts and Practices courses Security Awareness Program This course is designed for the everyday user of computers and networks, which offers security training and skills in a non-technical format. This course is intended for all PC users with a basic understanding of computers.
Security Awareness Concepts and Practices This course provides an introduction to common security threats and issues, as well as ways that you can counteract them. Students will identify and apply security techniques to common job activities.

Instructor Led Learning

Duration: 1 Days
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Video Learning

Duration: 1 Days
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What you will learn

    • Chapter 1 :Security Awareness Introduction
    • Chapter 2 :Network and TCP/IP Basics
    • Chapter 3 :Security Basics
    • Chapter 4 :Network Access
    • Chapter 5 :Information Management
    • Chapter 6 :Viruses, Trojans, and Worms
    • Chapter 7 :Backups
    • Chapter 8 :Resource Usage
    • Chapter 9 :Software Piracy


Chapter 1: Security Awareness Introduction

  • Why care about security

Chapter 2: Network and TCP/IP Basics

  • How computers talk to each other1

Chapter 3: Security Basics

  • What is computer security anyway?

Chapter 4: Network Access

  • How to get your Stuff

Chapter 5: Information Management

  • How to deal with Secreet Stuff

Chapter 6: Viruses, Trojans, and Worms

  • Oh my

Chapter 7: Backups

  • And, why you have to have them

Chapter 8: Resource Usage

  • Staying safe on the Internet

Chapter 9: Software Piracy

  • It is in your computer, can i keep it

Chapter 1: Security Information

  • Understand Information Security
  • Implement Physical Security Measures
  • Identify the Need for Cyber Security

Chapter 2: Counteracting Social Engineering Exploitss

  • Identify Social Engineering Exploits
  • Counteract Social Engineering Exploits
  • Evolve Social Engineering Organization Policies

Chapter 3: Identifying Security Measures

  • Strengthen Desktop Security
  • Strengthen Software Security
  • Strengthen Network Security

Chapter 4: Maintaining File Security

  • Implement Security in Windows Vista
  • Back Up Data
  • Restore Data
  • Dispose of Computer Information

Chapter 5: Guarding Against Attacks

  • Protect Computer from Security Threats
  • Protect Computers from Virus Attacks
  • Block Spyware

Chapter 6: Handling Security Breaches

  • Identify Incidents
  • Respond to Incidents

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