Security Certified Professional (SCP) Courses Overview

It’s a fact: Every business and organisation needs a trained Security Certified Professional (SCP) . Companies have started to realise that they cannot afford security breaches that cause information theft, loss of productivity and decreased profits. But it is imperative that IT security professionals are trained how to think ahead, pre-empt problems and breaches, and prepare solutions.

The SCP courses now offers three certifications: SCNS, SCNP and SCNA – all available through MasterGrade. The SCP training courses will equip learners with a solid knowledge of both defensive network security systems and the newer trusted needs of security

Instructor Led Learning

Duration: 5 Days
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Video Learning

Duration: 5 Days
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What you will learn

  • Security Certified Network Professional (SCNP)
  • Security Certified Network Specialist (SCNS)
  • Security Certified Network Architect (SCNA)


  • Foundations of Network Security
  • Advanced TCP/IP and Routing and Access Control Lists
  • IP Packet Structure and Analysis
  • Securing Windows Computers and Linux Computers
  • Security on the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Network Defense Fundamentals
  • Advanced TCP/IP
  • Routers and Access Control Lists
  • Designing Firewall Systems
  • Implementing IPSec and VPNs
  • Designing and Intrusion Detection System
  • Trusted Network Implementation
  • Planning a Trusted Network
  • Microsoft Trusted Networks
  • Introduction to Trusted Networks
  • Cryptography and Data Security
  • Computer Forensics, Law and Legislation
  • Biometrics, Strong Authentication
  • Digital Certificates and Signatures

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