Certified Information Security manager(CISM) Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to provide CISM Candidate’s with updated technical information and references to assist in the preparation and study for the Certified Information Security Manager exam.

The CISM certification is more technical and specialized. If you want to prove your technical expertise in IT auditing, and show your dedication in this industry, CISM certification will prove to be a great investment.

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Instructor Led Learning

Duration: 4 Days
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Duration: 4 Days
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What you will learn

    • Lesson 1: The Process of Auditing Information Systems
    • Lesson 2: IT Governance and Management
    • Lesson 3: Acquisition, Development, and Implementation
    • Lesson 4: Operations, Maintenance, and Support
    • Lesson 5: Protection of Information Assets

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Lesson 1:Information Security Governance

  • Explain the need for and the desired outcomes of an effective information security strategy
  • Create an information security strategy aligned with organizational goals and objectives
  • Gain stakeholder support using business cases
  • dentify key roles and responsibilities needed to execute an action plan
  • Establish metrics to measure and monitor the performance of security governance

Lesson 2: Information Risk Management

  • Explain the importance of risk management as a tool to meet business needs and develop a security management
    program to support these needs
  • Identify, rank, and respond to a risk in a way that is appropriate as defined by organizational
  • Report information security risk effectively

Lesson 3: Information Security Program Development and Management

  • Align information security program requirements with those of other business functions
  • Manage the information security program resources
  • Design and implement information security controls
  • Incorporate information security requirements into contracts, agreements and third-party management

Lesson 4:Information Security Incident Management

  • Understand the concepts and practices of Incident Management
  • Identify the components of an Incident Response Plan and evaluate its effectiveness
  • Understand the key concepts of Business Continuity Planning, or BCP and Disaster Recovery Planning, or
  • Be familiar with techniques commonly used to test incident response capabilities

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