CompTIA Network+ Course

Are you interested in becoming an Networking professional? Become a Networking Professional at MasterGrade! The Networking training course at MasterGrade provides education in a specialised field that deals with the communication between computer systems or devices.

Become A Certified Network Professional

How to begin your lucrative Networking career: first train on major networking technologies, systems, skills and tools used in today’s computer networks; then get practical experience by installing, configuring, upgrading and maintaining servers, and learning skills that will be useful on the job.

Instructor Led Learning

Duration: 5 Days
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Video Learning

Duration: 5 Days
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What you will learn

• Identify basic network theory concepts and major network communications methods
• Describe bounded network media
• Describe unbounded network media
• Identify the major types of network implementations
• Identify TCP/IP addressing and data delivery methods
• Analyse routing and switching technologies
• Identify the components of a TCP/IP implementation
• Analyse network security
• Implement network security
• Identify the components of a WAN implementation.
• Identify the components used in cloud computing and virtualization
• Identify the components of a remote network implementation
• Manage networks
• Troubleshoot network issues


Chapter 1: Network Basics

  • Network Concepts
  • Network Architectures
  • The OSI Model

Chapter 2: Wired Computer-to-Computer Connections

  • Wired Network Connections
  • Network Interface Cards and Modems

Chapter 3: Network-to-Network Connections

  • Network-to-Network Connection Components
  • LAN Wiring
  • LAN Wiring Tests

Chapter 4: Wired Internetworking Devices

  • Basic Internetworking Devices
  • Specialized Internetworking Devices

Chapter 5: Wired Communication Standards

  • The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • TCP/IP
  • DHCP Servers

Chapter 6: Wireless Networking

  • Wireless Network Devices
  • Wireless Networking Standards
  • Wireless Configuration
  • DHCP Servers

Chapter 7: Security Threats and Mitigation

  • Security Threats
  • Threat Mitigation

Chapter 8: Security Practices

  • Operating Systems
  • Devices

Chapter 9: Network Access Control

  • Authentication
  • Public Key Cryptography
  • Remote Access
  • Wireless Security

Chapter 10: Monitoring

  • Monitoring Resourcess
  • Event Viewer

Chapter 11: Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Basics
  • Troubleshooting The Network
  • Troubleshooting Scenarios

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