What you will learn

  • Lesson 1 :Windows
  • Lesson 2 :Microsoft Word
  • Lesson 3 :Microsoft Excel
  • Lesson 4 :Microsoft PowerPoint

No Course Requirements


Lesson 1: Windows

  • Use the Mouse: Left, Right and Double Click
  • Desktop: Bluescreen
  • Minimize, Maximize, Restore and Close: Located on the Title Toolbar

Lesson 2: Microsoft Word

  • Explore Word: Title. Menu, Standard and Formatting Toolbars
  • Create a Document: Typing and adding pages
  • Format a Document: Use Formatting Toolbar
  • Save
  • Select Text: Click and Drag, Double Click, Triple Click and Control

Lesson 3: Microsoft Excel

  • Explore Excel: Title, Standard, Formatting, Formula and Status Toolbars
  • Create a Worksheet: Cell selection and typing
  • Format a Worksheet: Select cells and use Formatting Toolbar
  • Extra: Rename Sheet Tab, Increase or Decrease Column and Row Width, Cell Address, Autosum Calculations

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