Computers Made Easy Course Training Overview

Make Computers fun and start your journey as an IT Specialist with this Computer course. Students will learn basic computer concepts and skills related to IBM and compatible computers. Students will receive a thorough introduction to the hardware components, practical DOS and Windows techniques and become acquainted with applications. In the training provided introduction to windows will be introduced.

Who should attend Computers Made Easy Course Training?

Anyone that is interested in learning about computers. You will probably get the most out of this course if you are new to computers. If you are an experienced computer user, you may also benefit from this course if you have questions about personal computers or want to increase your understanding of the basics of personal computers. This course may also be helpful if you are thinking about buying a PC. This course will help you know what to look for and how to set it up when you get it home.

After Successfully Completing Computers Made Easy, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to use a computer.
  • Acquire basic computer literacy skills.
  • Become more efficient at using your computer.
  • Learn how to use specific software programs.
  • Learn about computer hardware, networking and security.
  • Learn how to use a computer to automate certain tasks.
  • Learn how to use Basic computer Concepts.

Instructor Led Learning

Duration: 1 Day
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Video Learning

Duration: 1 Day
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What you will learn

      • Lesson 1 :Getting Started
      • Lesson 2 :Input Devices
      • Lesson 3 :Processing
      • Lesson 4 :Storage
      • Lesson 5 : Output Devices
      • Lesson 6 :The Operating System
      • Lesson 7 : DOS Survival Guide
      • Lesson 8 :Windows Survival Guide
      • Lesson 9 : Application Software


Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Orientation to personal computers
  • The system unit
  • Connecting the components
  • Starting the computer

Lesson 2: Input Devices

  • The keyboard
  • The mouse
  • Other input devices

Lesson 3: Processing

  • The CPU
  • Memory

Lesson 4: Storage

  • An overview of storage devices
  • The floppy-disk drive
  • The hard-disk drive
  • Other storage devices

Lesson 5: Output Devices

  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Modems
  • Sound boards

Lesson 6: The Operating System

  • An introduction to the operating system
  • File-management concepts

Lesson 7: DOS Survival Guide

  • Using the command prompt

Lesson 8: Windows Survival Guide

  • The Windows Desktop
  • The Program Manager
  • Organizing the Desktop
  • The File Manager

Lesson 9: Application Software

  • Using application software

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