CorelDraw Training Course overview

This Course allows you to Combine your creativity with the unparalleled power of CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite to design graphics and layouts, edit photos, and create websites. With advanced support for Windows 10, multi-monitor viewing and 4K displays, the suite lets first-time users, graphics pros, small business owners and design enthusiasts deliver professional results with speed and confidence. Discover high-caliber and intuitive tools to create logos, brochures, web graphics, social media ads or any original project. CorelDRAW your way.

Is CorelDraw Course for you?

This intensive two-day workshop is for artists and designers who wish to use CorelDRAW to create vector artwork for either print or Web publications. It is also for self-taught CorelDRAW users aiming to make the most of the program.

Instructor Led Learning

Duration: 2 Days
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Video Learning

Duration: 2 Days
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  • Lesson 1 Introduction
  • Lesson 2 Creating basic objects
  • Lesson 3 Manipulating objects
  • Lesson 4 Working with text
  • Lesson 5 Aids to accuracy
  • Lesson 6 Creating complex objects
  • Lesson 7 Images and clipart
  • Lesson 8 Effects
  • Lesson 9 Printing

Basic computer skills


Lesson 1: Introduction

  • CorelDRAW overview
  • Navigating within a document
  • Show/hide palettes
  • Using Zoom & Viewing modes

Lesson 2: Creating basic objects

  • Using the drawing tools
  • Drawing rectangles, circles, polygons & lines
  • Setting object fills & outlines
  • Copying object attributes

Lesson 3: Manipulating objects

  • Select/Move/Resize objects
  • Rotate & skew objects
  • Altering the pivot point
  • Copying objects
  • Group and lock
  • Changing the stacking order

Lesson 4: Working with text

  • Artistic vs paragraph text
  • Adding & Formatting artistic text
  • Adding paragraph text
  • Setting paragraph options
  • Using Spell check
  • Using Find and Replace
  • Importing text

Lesson 5: Aids to accuracy

  • Customising the ruler & grid
  • Using snap-to
  • Moving the zero point
  • Moving the ruler
  • Specifying precise object parameters

Lesson 6: Creating complex objects

  • Creating bézier curves
  • Using Tools: – shape, freehand, knife & eraser
  • Reshaping paths
  • Converting text to paths
  • Combining objects

Lesson 7: Images and clipart

  • Importing bitmaps & clipart
  • Inserting symbols
  • Creating symbols
  • Crop/Edit/Export Bitmaps

Lesson 8: Effects

  • Fit Text To Path
  • Transforming objects with envelopes
  • Creating blends
  • Drop shadows
  • The artistic media tool
  • Extruding objects
  • Lens effects
  • Applying PowerClips

Lesson 9: Printing

  • Choosing the right file format
  • Printing documents
  • Setting print options
  • Creating print styles
  • Using the Print Merge Wizard
  • Exporting

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