Adobe Illustrator Course overview

In this course, students will use Adobe Illustrator CS5 by drawing and manipulating simple shapes to design a layout for their product. Students will create complex, robust illustrations that go beyond those they could create using Adobe Illustrator tools.
Adobe Illustrator is a program used by both artist and graphic designers to create vector images.

Is Adobe Illustrator Course for you?

This course is intended for designers, publishers, pre-press professionals, marketing communications professionals, or people switching to a design job or taking on design responsibilities, who need to use Illustrator to create illustrations, logos, advertisements, or other graphic documents.

Instructor Led Learning

Duration: 2 Days
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Video Learning

Duration: 8 week
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Earning as much as : R158 000 p.a

What you will learn

Adobe Illustrator Course

    • Illustrator CS5 – Level 1
  • Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted with Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Lesson 2: Creating Shapes in a Document
  • Lesson 3: Creating Custom Paths
  • Lesson 4: Working with Text
  • Lesson 5: Working with Objects
  • Lesson 6: Enhancing Documents
  • Lesson 7: Proofing a Document
  • Lesson 8: Saving Images for Web and Print
    • Illustrator CS5 – Level 2
  • Lesson 1: Creating Complex Illustrations
  • Lesson 2: Enhancing Complex Illustrations
  • Lesson 3: Creating a Vector Version of a Raster Graphic
  • Lesson 4: Creating Special Effects
  • Lesson 5: Working with Graphs
  • Lesson 6: Working with Variables
  • Lesson 7: Outputting Documents
  • Lesson 8: Exporting Graphics for the Web and Mobile Devices

Basic computer skills


Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted with Adobe Illustrator CS5

  • Examine Imaging Concepts
  • Explore the Interface
  • Customize the Interface

Lesson 2: Creating Shapes in a Document

  • Create a Document
  • Draw Basic Shapes
  • Save a Document

Lesson 3: Creating Custom Paths

  • Draw Paths
  • Modify Paths

Lesson 4: Working with Text

  • Insert Text
  • Flow Text on a Path
  • Import Body Text
  • Format Text with Styles
  • Thread Text
  • Apply Hyphenation
  • Insert Typographic Characters

Lesson 5: Working with Objects

  • Import Graphics
  • Manipulate Objects

Lesson 6: Enhancing Documents

  • Format Objects
  • Apply Strokes
  • Apply Gradients
  • Apply Graphic Styles
  • Apply an Envelope to Text

Lesson 7: Proofing a Document

  • Wrap Text
  • Find and Replace Text
  • Fix Spelling Errors

Lesson 8: Saving Images for Web and Print

  • Export Images for Print
  • Save Images for the Web
  • Save Images as PDFs

Lesson 1: Creating Complex Illustrations

  • Create a Custom Shape Using Simple Shapes
  • Create Compound Paths
  • Offset Paths
  • Erase Shapes

Lesson 2: Enhancing Complex Illustrations

  • Organize Objects with Layers
  • Create Symbols
  • Create a Pattern Swatch
  • Create a Mesh
  • Create Custom Brushes
  • Apply Color Using Live Paint
  • Recolor Artwork

Lesson 3: Creating a Vector Version of a Raster Graphic

  • Trace Artwork
  • Adjust the Results of Tracing
  • Create a Custom Preset
  • Convert a Traced Object to Paths

Lesson 4: Creating Special Effects

  • Apply Effects
  • Create Masks
  • Simplify Paths
  • Create Blends
  • Share Graphic Styles
  • Create 3-D Effects

Lesson 5: Working with Graphs

  • Create a Graph
  • Format a Graph

Lesson 6: Working with Variables

  • Create Variables
  • Create Data Sets

Lesson 7: Outputting Documents

  • Create an Artboard
  • Set Up Color Management
  • Preview an Overprint
  • Apply Spot Colors
  • Print a Composite Proof
  • Create Color Separations
  • Create an Adobe PDF File

Lesson 8: Exporting Graphics for the Web and Mobile Devices

  • Convert Colors to Web-Safe Colors
  • Work with Actions
  • Export a File as an SWF
  • Create Slices
  • Add Interactivity to an SVG File
  • Preview an Illustration for Mobile Devices

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