Pastel Xpress Course Overview

Keep your Financial records and processes up to date with ease! This Pastel course provides a great product information base creating greater awareness and confidence when using Pastel Xpress. Not only do students learn about the different features in the product, but they also learn why they need to know this information and how it affects them in a practical way. If your Pastel software is not living up to your expectations, it might be because you have not received effective accounting and Pastel training!

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Instructor Led Learning

Duration: 4 Days
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Video Learning

Duration: 4 Days
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What you will learn

    • Lesson 1 :Installation
    • Lesson 2 :Working in the Demo Company
    • Lesson 3 :Creating a New Company
    • Lesson 4 :Setting up your Company
    • Lesson 5 : Edit Menu – Customers
    • Lesson 6 : Edit Menu – Suppliers
    • Lesson 7 :Edit Menu – Inventory and General Ledger
    • Lesson 8 :Creating and editing General Ledger accounts
    • Lesson 9 :Processing
    • Lesson 10 : The View Menu
    • Lesson 11 :Sundry Processing

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Lesson 1: Installation

  • Preparing to install
  • Installing Pastel Xpress
  • Registering Pastel Xpress

Lesson 2: Working in the Demo Company

  • Open a company in Pastel
  • Navigate in Pastel using the four navigation methods

Lesson 3: Creating a New Company

  • Setting up a Company

Lesson 4: Setting up your Company

  • Backups and Restores

Lesson 5: Edit Menu – Customers

  • Customer Categories
  • Customer Accounts
  • Printing Customer Master file listings

Lesson 6: Edit Menu – Suppliers

  • Supplier Categories
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Printing Supplier Master file listings

Lesson 7: Ediy Menu – Inventory and General Ledger

  • Creating Inventory Items

Lesson 8: Creating and editing General Ledger accounts

  • Creating and editing general ledger accounts

Lesson 9: Processing

  • Customer processing
  • Supplier processing
  • Cash Book processing
  • Journal processing

Lesson 10: The View Menu

  • General Ledger reports
  • Customer reports
  • Supplier reports
  • Inventory reports

Lesson 11: Sundry Processing

  • Correction of Errors
  • Processing an R/D Cheque
  • Converting / Opening a company
  • Take on Balances

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