What is the big hype about CEH? In fact, what is CEH?


Let’s start by answering the second question, first. CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker is a EC Council Certification which teaches you (1)  how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in systems  and (2) how to use the same knowledge and tools to assess the security posture of a specific system. This allows you to see where the weak/entry points  are in a specific system; which in turn will provide you with the knowledge so that you can sharpen up the security in order for no one to be able to get in. Imagine this – two teams. A blue and red [...]

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Meet our Student Junaid


Junaid is a shy, but lovely 20 year old who has big ice cream dreams. Yes, I said Ice Cream; but I will get back to that shortly. Junaid is a student at MasterGrade IT and he has succesfully completed his Comptia A+ training and exams. He is now officially COmptia A+ certified  (if you want to know how you can do that too - contact us) Junaid is a full time student and his next course is the Comptia Network+ Let's get back to the ice cream (drooling already). In his spare time, Junaid makes his own ice cream  - [...]

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What is Mentored Learning


Isn’t it wonderful to finally find a training solution that combines the best of classroom and online learning in one? A unique approach to learning unites the strength of traditional classroom learning and modern e-learning with a practical approach. As individuals, we all learn at a different tempo and via different methods. That is exactly what our Mentored Learning offers Personalised one-on-one attention One-On-One attention with your lecturer daily Question and answer sessions Progress reports Productive Learning Environment Labs – simulating real life scenarios Flexible Training Schedule Choose your own schedule Book/Reschedule 24 hours in advance Three (3) different time slots [...]

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Study Techniques


I've never met anyone who 'likes' to study. Let's be honest, it is certainly not the most fun thing to do. That being said, the job market is extremely competitive and if you want to stay ahead and on top - studying will and must be a part of your career development and personal growth. Knowing how to study, will certainly make it easier. We all are different and different techniques works for different people. You have to find what works for you. Below are a few tips and tricks (you might just find the thing that works for you) - [...]

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