UPDATE: What will you be doing the next 3 weeks while at home? Drive your loved ones crazy? No need to pay expensive counselling sessions after experiencing the lockdown. Enrol yourself in one of our online courses – stay safe AND gain valuable skills.





We will be running Live Online Training during the course of the lockdown Classroom Training in the comfort of your home or office! Our live online training is regularly scheduled, guaranteed to run;  taught by expert instructors, is hands-on, and is delivered to your home or office Just like our physical classrooms, students attending training through Live Online have a real time, live instructor led student experience. ... Live Online Training provides a rich, engaging, live classroom environment that allows students to easily interact with instructors and fellow students virtually. What is Live Online Training? The class is designed and structured [...]

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Comptia A


So, you are interested in in Career in IT, but you are not sure where to start? It can certainly be confusing. Comptia A+ is your answer.  The fundamental course in your IT  Career. CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for launching IT careers into today’s digital world. Support today’s core technologies from security to cloud to data management and more. Learn about Hardware; Networking; Mobile Devices; Operating Systems; Virutalization & Cloud Computing; Software Troubleshooting;  IT Security & Operational Procedures. Jobs  you can apply for: - Service desk analyst - Desktop support technician - Help Desk Support /Admin - Field Service [...]

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Why The Hype About Online Training?


Well, online training certainly has been a feature in the education industry for a few years and it’s popularity is growing on a daily and it’s not hard to see why. It’s become hugely popular by the simple virtue of it being so much more convenient. Let’s face it; we look at screens almost more than we do at the face next to us. Work, social, banking, ordering food, everything can now be done by a few clicks on a screen. So why not use your screen time for the greater good – your education and career development. What Online Training [...]

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Success..Cornelius got the job!


MGIT would like to congratulate one of our students, Cornelis Swanepoel on landing his - job! Cornelis studied Comptia A+ & Network+ with MasterGrade IT. He has  successfully passed the international exams. MGIT received job opportunities for our students who has successfully completed their studies with us and Cornelis’ CV was in the batch we sent the company who employed Cornelis. A few days later we received the great news that one of our students has successfully landed the job! If you too – want to be successful in your IT Career – make sure to contact MasterGrade IT and we [...]

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Meet EKSTEEN our Student


This lovely young man, is Eksteen de Villiers. Eksteen is a 21 year old, full time student. He was born in Pretoria and has been living in Cape Town for 4 years.  He loves Cape Town and prefers the weather here too. Eksteen has 4 siblings and he is the only thorn amongst the roses. Fun fact about this young man – he joing the French Army in France and he was stationed there for about 6 months. He really enjoyed that experience and said that even though it was not such a long period, he really did learn a lot. [...]

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Bragging Rights


Dear Gabriel, We wish to Congratulate you that under your leadership Mastergrade IT has achieved the amazing feat of conducting highest number of EC Council Trainings in South Africa for the period of Jan-oct 2019. We are delighted to see quality training being imparted by the Instructors/trainers from the positive testimonials received from the students. Keep up the good work. Look forward to your continued leadership in this market and beyond.     Regards Jobby Varghese Country Manager - Africa EC-Council

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The 5 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020


1) Python Most people that intend to focus on server-side programming often go with Python due to the several libraries that make it useful in writing scripts and plug-ins. The simplicity of a programming code that is written in Python makes it easy to read, which is why it is often recommended for beginners who may not understand the complex syntax seen in other languages. You soon begin to write simple codes that run without errors after a few lessons. Python is open-source, meaning it is free to use despite being an object-oriented language. The asynchronous coding design is another important [...]

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Meet our Student Senior Gono


This lovely lady, is Senior Gono and she is a 21 year old full time student at MasterGrade IT. Senior is a proud Zimbabwean woman and is looking forward to go back home in the future. The reason she came to South Africa? Well, she says the answer is simple. I wanted to have better opportunities. Senior moved to South Africa approximately 5 years ago, which her parents and 2 siblings. Senior just completed the first step to achieving her Comptia A+ certification. She has successfully completed her first A+ exam and is studying towards her second exam. Except for being [...]

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What is the big hype about CEH? In fact, what is CEH?


Let’s start by answering the second question, first. CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker is a EC Council Certification which teaches you (1)  how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in systems  and (2) how to use the same knowledge and tools to assess the security posture of a specific system. This allows you to see where the weak/entry points  are in a specific system; which in turn will provide you with the knowledge so that you can sharpen up the security in order for no one to be able to get in. Imagine this – two teams. A blue and red [...]

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Meet our Student Junaid


Junaid is a shy, but lovely 20 year old who has big ice cream dreams. Yes, I said Ice Cream; but I will get back to that shortly. Junaid is a student at MasterGrade IT and he has succesfully completed his Comptia A+ training and exams. He is now officially COmptia A+ certified  (if you want to know how you can do that too - contact us) Junaid is a full time student and his next course is the Comptia Network+ Let's get back to the ice cream (drooling already). In his spare time, Junaid makes his own ice cream  - [...]

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