My Choice Learning

  • You can book up to 24 hours before you want to train
  • Unlimited sessions are available for you
  • Guaranteed certification exam passes!


Study Methods

Study Methods generally vary from person to person. This is something we are aware of and as a result have created a learning experience that appeals to the different study habits of our students. Although the course content is the same throughout, there are four different types of learning delivery methods used: My Choice ™, Classroom Learning, On-Site Learning and Distance Learning. 

More about MyChoice:

MyChoice™ Training Academies was born when three executive managers from the worlds largest IT Training company came together to discuss how to service their clients on an higher level of excellence. We realized that we needed to evolve, that we needed to change and that we needed to go with the progression of the fast changing world around us, if we wanted to stay relevant in our market. We struggled with the question, “How can we use our extended experience and keep the benefits of how we have done computer training for so many years. And what elements can we ad, to create an environment that will allow a student to train on his own schedule, his own level and in his own speed”. Not just that, but also, “how can we create a delivery method of training that will guarantee you to pass your exam?”. Out of our wrestling with this question this delivery method was created. The response from our clients was beyond expectations that we decided to establish a brand new revolutionary company called MyChoice™ Training Academies around this product. Right now we have moved away from the limitations of the conventional classroom learning and we have fully embraced the highly effective MyChoice™ training solution. Our clients are absolutely excited and pleased as they are introduced to this cutting edge way of training. The future looks good! As the executive staff of MasterGrade IT® Computer Learning Centers we like to invite you to join us on our ride towards brighter horizons!

How can you benefit from MyChoice?

Our method of training also has a number of key advantages to students and company's over the traditional Instructor Led method of training:

  • You only take the classes or modules you want or need to learn, which means that it will save you both time and money!
  • You determine the course dates - do your training according to your schedule!
  • No need for you as a key staff member to spend even one whole day away from work preventing an already massive workload from piling up!
  • Morning, afternoon and evening sessions available – totally flexible to your needs
  • Official Curriculum Courseware - ensuring that you receive only quality course content!
  • You will get 1:1 certified trainer attention whenever you need it. You will immediately have the trainer's help without any effort!
  • You can book up to 24 hours before you want to train
  • Unlimited sessions are available for you. (Conditions apply)
  • Guaranteed certification exam passes! (Conditions apply)