Study Methods


Study Methods generally vary from person to person. This is something we are aware of and as a result have created a learning experience that appeals to the different study habits of our students.


Although the course content is the same throughout, there are four different types of learning delivery methods used: My Choice ™, Classroom Learning, On-Site Learning and Distance Learning. 

Classroom, My Choice ™, On-site and Online training offered by MasterGrade IT®.

How to choose which study method is right for you


The course content is the same regardless of delivery method, but choosing the right study methods depends on which type will engage, motivate and inspire your learning endeavours the most.

My Choice ™

My Choice ™

This unique approach to learning unites the strengths of traditional classroom learning and modern e-learning, with a practical approach.

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Classroom Learning

Classroom Learning

Reach your full potential through MasterGrade IT®' instructor lecture and demonstration, followed by student practice through hands-on exercises and assessments.

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On-site Learning

On-Site Learning

MasterGrade IT®' ideal solution for training a group of employees, as it's affordable, customisable and your employees won't even have to leave the office.

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Online Anytime Learning

Distance Learning

Online ANYTIME is more cost-effective than most computer training options. With more than 2 500 courses, you can fit it into your busy schedule, any time of the day.

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It’s very fun and interesting. Love It!!

- Shaun Brown

I will recommend New Horizons to anyone that is serious about getting certification.

- Zaheer Isaacs

Very informative; Excel is a great course to start off with. I like the neat classrooms and the personal attention!

- René Leandro Borges

I enjoyed doing the course in my own time!

- Sadia Abrahams