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YOU can now study and empower a

family member AT NO COST!*

(Empowering Families Through Education!)

“My cousin and I were able to study at a great price.”

“People do not invest in education because they are rich. They become rich because they invest in education.”
Gabriel Verhoef

Combined we have 120 years experience in Information Technology Education.

Nolan Dunn

Mario De Bruin

Noel Sands

Kevin Gerhard

Tamuka Mberengwa

Leandri Van Dyk

Odette Howard

Chantellé Cloete

Amanda Brown

“My brother and I were able to buy Gogo that house she needed.”

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WhatsApp: +27 63 968 8790

Office: +27 21 419 3213

Physical Address:

2nd Floor, Boland Bank Building,

18 Lower-Burg Street, Cape Town, 8001