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XML course details

XML Course Training

Length: 1 Day
Audience: Entry Level
Technology: Notepad++ (text editor)
Job Opportunity: Data Manipulation
Delivery Method: Electronic Learning, Instructor-led (classroom)
Training Centres : Cape Town, Johannesburg


XML Level 1 is designed to introduce you to the Extensible Markup Language and how it can be used in application development.

XML course offered at MasterGrade.

Who should attend?

The Extensible Markup Language is an important evolutionary step in the development of information exchange. Developers have long struggled with moving data between incompatible, proprietary systems. In addition, they have wrestled with HTML, trying to make it manipulate data in ways for which it was not designed. XML solves many of these problems because it is a system for creating open, non-proprietary markup languages.


Lesson 1: The Past, Present, and Future of XML

  • The limitations of SGML and HTML
  • XML: The best of all worlds

Lesson 2: Creating Well-Formed XML Documents

  • XML document markup
  • Creating XML: elements, attributes, and entities
  • Creating an XML markup language: Processing instructions, character data, and comments
  • XML and HTML

Lesson 3: Valid XML with DTDs

  • Introduction to the Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • Creating a DTD

Lesson 4: Valid XML with Schema

  • Schema specifications
  • Defining elements
  • Defining attributes
  • XML schema data types

Lesson 5: XML DOM and SAX

  • XML APIs
  • SAX

Lesson 6: Displaying XML Documents Using CSS

  • Style sheets
  • Cascading style sheets

Lesson 7: Transforming XML with XSLT

  • XSLT
  • using XSLT to order your output

Lesson 8: XML Namespaces

  • Introduction to namespaces
  • Linking using HTML namespaces

Lesson 9: XLink and XPointer

  • Xlink and Xpointer


Learning Materials:


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1 Day

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Course Content

   • The Past, Present, and Future of XML
   • Creating Well-Formed XML Documents
   • Valid XML with DTDs
   • Valid XML with Schema
   • XML DOM and SAX
   • Displaying XML Documents Using CSS
   • Transforming XML with XSLT
   • XML Namespaces
   • XLink and XPointer



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