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  • Installing jQuery
  • Changing CSS
  • Effects
  • jQuery and Ajax


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  Duration: 1 Day

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Cobit 5 Foundation Course   overview

jquery Course overview

JQuery is a JavaScript library designed to optimize the client side scripting of HTML. JQuery has decreased the usage of code in your JavaScript. JQuery also takes care of cross browser compatibility issues. The JQuery library is a single file containing all DOM, events and Ajax functions.


Who should attend this course?

The JQuery Fundamentals Course is perfect for beginners, the Fundamentals of JQuery Online Course takes you from a JQuery beginner to an expert in no time at all.

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What you will learn

JQuery Foundation Course
  • Orientation Lesson Welcome to Mastergrade IT
  • Lesson 1 What is jQuery?
  • Lesson 2 Installing jQuery
  • Lesson 3Syntax
  • Lesson 4Selectors
  • Lesson 5Events:Part 1
  • Lesson 6Events:Part 2
  • Lesson 7When a Key is Pressed
  • Lesson 8Effects
  • Lesson 9Callback
  • Lesson 10HTML
  • Lesson 11Changing CSS
  • Lesson 12Animations
  • Lesson 13Attributes
  • Lesson 14jQuery and Ajax
  • Lesson 15Course Conclusion

Full course outline

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