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Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS

XHTML is the first step toward a modular and extensible web based on XML (Extensible Markup Language). It provides the bridge for web designers to enter the web of the future, while still being able to maintain compatibility with today's HTML browsers. It is the reformulation of HTML as an application of XML. It looks very much like HTML, with a few exceptions.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will help you to control layout more precisely, use colour more effectively, and expand typographic options beyond the frustrating limitations of the past.

Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS course offered at MasterGrade | MasterGrade IT offers HTML5 and CSS3 Online Training courses.

Who should attend?

Any Web developer needs to know XHTML and CSS before moving on to more advanced languages.

Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS

Lesson 1: How to Write XHTML and CSS

  • Anatomy of a Website
  • What Is CSS?
  • Getting Started with XHTML Syntax
  • Getting Started with CSS Syntax

Lesson 2: Location, Location: Where to Put a Style

  • The Cascade
  • Inheritance
  • Specificity
  • Do the Math
  • Now Add Inline Styles to the Math
  • What about Multiple Classes?
  • Using @import

Lesson 3: Page Basics: DOCTYPE, Head, Body, and Body Styles

  • XHTML: What Every Page Requires
  • The XML Declaration
  • Let’s Get Started
  • The Head
  • Saving
  • Take a Look in a Browser
  • CSS: A Stylish Body
  • Attached Background Images
  • Assign a Class or ID to the Body Element
  • CSS Properties for the body Element

Lesson 4: Headings and Heading Styles

  • XHTML: The Heading Tags
  • CSS: Style a Heading
  • A Class Alternative
  • Image Replacement for Headings
  • The CSS Box Model
  • CSS Properties for Headings

Lesson 5: Page Divisions: div for Structure Layout

  • Learn the XHTML
  • Organizing Content Structurally
  • When to Use div
  • Learn the CSS
  • CSS Properties

Lesson 6: Paragraph and Text Styles

  • XHTML: Formatting Text
  • CSS: Stylish Text
  • Let’s Go into Print
  • CSS Properties

Lesson 7: Links and Link Styles

  • Organizing a Site
  • XHTML: The Anchor Element
  • CSS: Pizzazz for Anchors
  • An id-Based Current Page Indicator
  • CSS Pop-ups
  • CSS Properties

Lesson 8: Multimedia, Images, and Image Styles

  • Creating and Editing Images
  • XHTML: Add Images to a Page
  • The longdesc Attribute
  • The title Attribute
  • The Image Stockpile
  • Build Some Basic Button Nav Bars
  • Tie Background Images to Hyperlink Pseudo States
  • Designing a Simple Photo Gallery
  • Adding a Banner
  • Adding Other Headings
  • Inserting a Photo in Your Gallery
  • Transparent GIFs
  • A Complete Site
  • CSS: Dress It Up
  • Size Matters
  • Linking Directly to Images
  • Adding Multimedia to Your Page
  • CSS Properties

Lesson 9: Lists and List Styles

  • XHTML: List Basics
  • CSS: Presentation Is Powerful
  • A Vertical Nav bar with Pure CSS Pop-ups
  • Horizontal Lists
  • CSS Properties for Lists

Lesson 10: Tables and Table Styles

  • A Tangled Table Tale
  • XHTML: Creating the Rows and Columns
  • Learn More XHTML: thead, tbody, tfoot
  • CSS Properties

Lesson 11: Forms and Form Styles

  • Script Matters
  • Learn the XHTML
  • Add CSS to Your Form

Lesson 12: Publishing and Testing Your Pages

  • The Big Picture
  • Finding Free Server Space
  • Your Own Domain
  • Using FTP Software
  • Testing and Validating the Site
  • Telling the Search Engines You Are There
  • Understanding Your Audience

Lesson 13: CSS for Weblogs

  • Advantages of Blogging
  • Where to Sign Up for a Blog
  • What to Look for in Blog Software
  • Getting Started with Blogger
  • Configuring a BlogSpot Blog
  • Publishing to Your Blogger Blog
  • Customizing the Blogger Template
  • Customize the Blogger CSS
  • WordPress Hosted Free

Lesson 14: Design Basics

  • Wireframes
  • Layout
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Consistency and Repetition
  • Alignment
  • Resources
  • CSS Properties


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4 Days

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Course Content
Integrated HTML and CSS

   • How to Write XHTML and CSS
   • Location, Location: Where to Put a Style
   • Page Basics: DOCTYPE, Head, Body, and Body Styles
   • Headings and Heading Styles
   • Page Divisions: div for Structure Layout
   • Paragraph and Text Styles
   • Links and Link Styles
   • Multimedia, Images, and Image Styles
   • Lists and List Styles
   • Tables and Table Styles
   • Forms and Form Styles
   • Publishing and Testing Your Pages
   • CSS for Weblogs
   • Design Basics


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