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Do you want to create your own website?

Get hands-on experience with Basic HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, MySQL , PHP and many more.

  • Learn how to implement new HTML5 features
  • Learn how to design, build and upload a website
  • Do you want to start earning more than R 20,000 a Month?
  • Integrate your website with a database using MySQL

Web Design Courses offered by MasterGrade IT

A certified Web Design training course or Web Development certification is essential if you want to join the world of Web Design. Web design is an interesting but complex discipline. The majority of web designers purely want to create sites that are visually appealing and fail to accept that functionality plays a key role. With the right Web Design training and Web Development course you will learn how to make websites that are fun and functional; attractive yet usable.

Get on top with certified Web Design training

Interested in writing your own, free-standing website using HTML, DHTML, PHP, Java, JavaScript and other Web Development technologies? The industry-approved Web Design training courses and certification offered by MasterGrade IT will provide invaluable knowledge, techniques and tips.

All you need to do is enrol for our Microsoft Office Specialist program. This globally accepted credential is only a course away. What are you waiting for? Become fully proficient in all Microsoft Office applications and set yourself apart from the rest!

When considering software programs, Microsoft Office suite is probably the most widely-used collective. Most people are familiar with Microsoft Office applications but professional training can help you utilise programs like Excel and PowerPoint even more efficiently and successfully.

There is a reason why our Microsoft Office training courses and certification is one of the most popular courses on our books. Now you too can reach your full potential with a Microsoft Office certification. Stay ahead of the competition – contact MasterGrade today to keep up-to-date with the latest Office technology.

Web Design Courses

The Complete Web Developer Package

Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Website Developer.

  • HTML Basics & Advance
  • CSS & Advanced CSS
  • JavaScript Basics & Advance
  • Basic Ajax & JQuery
  • PHP Basics & Advance PHP & MySQL
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Web design courses

HTML & CSS Courses

Learn how to implement new HTML5 features to increase the complexity of layouts and improve the navigation of web pages, create complex forms, and enhance pages with interactive elements.

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Web Design Courses

PHP & MySQL Courses

You will design, build, and upload a website, develop professional-looking web pages using the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 or Netbeans application

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Web design courses

JavaScript, AJAX & JQuery Courses

The Internet Explorer course shows you how to use IE to its full extent while browsing and while developing your website!

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Web design courses

Adobe Dreamweaver Course

Create your own website and more with Dreamweaver!.

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Web Design Courses

Expression Web

his course is intended for students who want to create web pages and websites in a graphical application.

  • Getting Started with Expression Web
  • Designing the Layout of a Website
  • Adding Content to a Website
  • Working with Forms
  • Managing Workgroup Development
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