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SCNA Enterprise Security Solutions and Advance Security Implementation

SCNA Enterprise Security Solutions
This course is designed to provide network administrators and security architects with an awareness of security-related issues and the essential skills they need to implement security in a given network.

SCNA Advanced Security Implementation
This course is designed to provide the foundation knowledge to network administrators and security professionals who are seeking to learn about advanced security issues surrounding PKI and biometrics.

SCNA Enterprise Security Solutions and Advance Security Implementation course offered at MasterGrade IT.

Who should attend?

This course will significantly benefit security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure.

SCNA Enterprise Security Solutions

Lesson 1: Trusted Network Implementation

  • Defended Networks of Today
  • Trusted Network Services
  • Cryptography Primer
  • The Role of Strong Authentication
  • PKI Roles and Fundamentals

Lesson 2: Introduction to Trusted Networks

  • Required Components
  • Certificate Paths
  • Planning Documents
  • Certificate Practices Framework

Lesson 3: Microsoft Trusted Networks

  • Certificate Authority Requirements
  • Major Functions of a CA Hierarchy
  • Certificate Standard and Format
  • Implement Microsoft Certificate Authorities
  • Implement a Microsoft Enterprise Root CA

Lesson 4: Linux Certificate Authorities

  • Introduction to Linux Certificate Authorities
  • Certificate Authorities for Linux
  • Prepare to Install a CA
  • OpenLDAP
  • Use CATool

Lesson 5: Managing Certificates

  • Certificate Lifecycle and Certificate Management
  • Create Certificates
  • Process Certificate Requests
  • Assign a Certificate
  • Certificates on Smart Cards

Lesson 6: Local Resource Security

  • Windows 2000 EFS Fundamentals
  • Configure EFS
  • Control EFS Use
  • Store Encrypted Files on a Floppy Disk with EFS
  • Secure Data with Biometrics

Lesson 7: Wireless Network Security

  • Wireless Networking Fundamentals
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) Fundamentals
  • Wireless Security Solutions
  • Wireless Auditing
  • Wireless Trusted Networks

Lesson 8: Secure Email

  • Secure Email Fundamentals
  • Secure Email with PGP
  • S/MIME Background

Lesson 9: Building Trusted Networks

  • Building Windows Domains—Enterprise of Trust
  • Configuring the Enterprise CA
  • Setting Up the Linux CA
  • Certificate Authority Trust—Cross Trust
  • Secure Email
  • Certificate Revocation

SCNA Advanced Secuirty Implementation

Lesson 1: Introduction to Trusted Networks

  • The Need For Trusted Networks
  • Authentication and Identification
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Applications of PKI

Lesson 2: Cryptography and Data Security

  • History of Cryptography
  • Math and Algorithms
  • Private Key Exchange
  • Public Key Exchange
  • Message Authentication

Lesson 3: Computer Forensics

  • Incident Response
  • Computer Forensic Fundamentals
  • Hard Disk Structure
  • Forensic Tools
  • Investigating Computers
  • Computer Forensics Solutions

Lesson 4: Law and Legislation

  • Intellectual Property
  • Categories and Types of Law
  • Process of Handling Evidence
  • Information Security-related Laws and Acts

Lesson 5: Biometrics—Who You Are

  • The Process of Biometrics Today
  • Accuracy of Biometrics
  • Applications of Biometrics
  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • Facial Scanning
  • Iris and Retinal Scanning
  • Vocal Scanning
  • Further Biometric Technologies
  • Techniques for Compromising Biometrics

Lesson 6: Strong Authentication

  • Why Strong Authentication
  • Authentication Tokens
  • RSA SecurID
  • Smart Cards

Lesson 7: Digital Certificates

  • Paper Certificates and Identity Cards
  • Authorities that Issue Physical Certificates
  • The Importance of Protecting the Identity of the CA
  • Differences between Physical and Digital Certificates
  • Standards for Digital Certificates
  • X.509 as an Authentication Standard
  • Case Study—VeriSign’s Digital Certificates

Lesson 8: Digital Signatures

  • Signatures as Identifiers
  • Features of Digital Signatures
  • Digital Signatures in Practice
  • Standards for Digital Signatures
  • Digital Signatures and PKI


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Course Content
SCNA Enterprise Security Solutions

   • Trusted Network Implementation
   • Planning a Trusted Network
   • Microsoft Trusted Networks
   • Linux Certificate Authorities
   • Managing Certificates
   • Local Resource Security
   • Wireless Network Security
   • Secure Email
   • Building Trusted Networks

SCNA Advance Security Implementation

   • Introduction to Trusted Networks
   • Cryptography and Data Security
   • Computer Forensics
   • Law and Legislation
   • Biometrics—Who You Are
   • Strong Authentication

   • Digital Certificates
   • Digital Signatures


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