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Java Fundamentals (Java SE 7)

Java Fundamentals (Java SE 7) course details

Java Fundamentals (Java SE 7) Course

Length: 5 days
Audience: Anyone
Job Opportunity: Developer
Delivery Method: Electronic Learning(Online Learning), Instructor-led (classroom)
Training Centres: Cape Town


Java Fundamentals (Java SE 7)

Join the rapid growing world of Java driven applications.

You will create basic applications using the Java SE 7 programming language. You will also describe object-oriented concepts, UML representation of OO concepts, and Java platforms and technologies.

Java Fundamentals (Java SE 7) course offered by MasterGrade.

About This Course

The Java Fundamentals (Java SE 7) course helps you to build a foundation of basic concepts of Java programming language and covers the essential elements of the Java Standard Edition 7. This course offers you a job-related approach to successful Java programming. Finally, it provides all the basic skills required to develop functionally sound and efficient Java applications.

Java™ has significant advantages over other languages and environments that make it suitable for just about any programming task.
Because of Java's robustness, ease of use, cross-platform capabilities and security features, it has become a language of choice for providing worldwide Internet solutions.

Java SE 7, one of the most popular programming languages available today, employs object-orientated techniques, making it powerful, functional, and efficient. This skills and knowledge you gain in this course will help you master Java programming to create robust, multi-platform applications.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for students who are looking for an entry into an application development or a software project management career using Java technologies.

Java Fundamentals (Java SE 7)

Lesson 1: Programming in Java

  • Create a Simple Java Program
  • Define a Simple Class
  • Create and Initialize Variables
  • Write an Expression
  • Work with Arrays

Lesson 2: Controlling Program Flow

  • Write If Statements
  • Write a Switch Statement
  • Write a For Loop
  • Write While and Do...While Loops

Lesson 3: Working with Java Class Libraries

  • Use the Java Class Library
  • Invoke Attributes of an Object

Lesson 4: Creating Classes

  • Define Methods
  • Overload a Method
  • Define Constructors
  • Create Static Class Members
  • Use Command-Line Arguments
  • Define Java Beans

Lesson 5: Implementing Inheritance

  • Import a Class
  • Extend a Class
  • Override Methods
  • Create Interfaces
  • Implement Interfaces
  • Work with Objects

Lesson 6: Representing OOP Concepts Using UML

  • Introduction to UML
  • Apply UML

Lesson 7: Identifying Client-Side Technologies

  • Introduction to Client-Side Technologies
  • Introduction to Thin UI Clients
  • Introduction to Fat UI Clients
  • Introduction to Micro UI Clients

Lesson 8: Identifying Server-Side Technologies

  • Introduction to Server-Side Technologies
  • Identify Web Components
  • Identify Business Components
  • Process XML and Associating Elements

Lesson 9: Identifying Integration Technologies

  • Describe Synchronous Communication
  • Introduction to Web Services
  • Introduction to Database Connectivity
  • Describe Asynchronous Communication


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Course Content
Java Fundamentals (Java SE 7)

   • Programming in Java
   • Controlling Program Flow
   • Working with Java Class Libraries
   • Creating Classes
   • Implementing Inheritance
   • Representing OOP Concepts Using UML
   • Identifying Client-Side Technologies
   • Identifying Server-Side Technologies
   • Identifying Integration Technologies



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