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Learn 3D Game Development with Unity 3D

Have you ever wondered how your favorite games were built? Ever wonder if you could build games like that?
Did you know that game design is a multi-billion dollar industry,
and that there are companies that need great game developers like you?

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Who should attend an Unity 3D Development Course?

This course is intended for people who have never created a game in their lives.
It will introduce you to the stunning 3D game development world of the Unity 3D game engine, and before you're done with the course you will begin creating real 3D animations that are the beginning of your creative virtual world building experience. This course is part of a Unity 3D Tutorial Series

Unity 3D Development

Lesson 1: Getting Started and Setting Up

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Introduction to the Interface
  • Interface Setup
  • Introduction to the Main Menu

Lesson 2: Introduction to the Unity 3D Interface

  • Main File
  • Main File Applied
  • Main Edit
  • Main Edit PS Audio
  • Main Edit PS Input
  • Main Edit PS Tag
  • Main Edit PS Time
  • Main Edit PS Player
  • Main Edit PS Physics
  • Edit PS Quality
  • Edit PS Network
  • Main Asset
  • Main Asset Applied
  • gameObject
  • Terrain
  • Terrain Raw
  • Terrain Navigate
  • Terrain Tools Mesh
  • Terrain Tools Paint
  • Terrain Tools Trees
  • Terrain Tools Grass

Lesson 3: Unity 3D Navigation

  • Navigation Introduction
  • Navigation Alt Camera
  • Navigation Alt LMR Mouse
  • Navigation WASD R Mouse
  • Navigation Arrow Keys
  • Navigation Mouse
  • Navigation Gizmo
  • Navigation Focus
  • Navigation Maximize View

Lesson 4: Rocket Launch Game

  • Toolbar Move, Rotate, Scale
  • Toolbar Selecting
  • Toolbar Handle
  • Toolbar Play Mode
  • Toolbar Layers
  • Toolbar Layouts

Lesson 5: Introduction to the Unity 3D Toolbar

  • Draw Mode
  • Render Mode
  • Light GameOverlay Audio
  • Aspect Max Giz Stats

Lesson 6: Introduction to Unity 3D Projects

  • Hierarchy
  • Project
  • Inspector

Lesson 7: Introduction to Animation

  • Animation Introduction
  • Animation Interface
  • Animation Interface Toolbar
  • Toolbar Applied
  • Properties View
  • Curve View
  • Using Animation Curves
  • Animation Curves
  • Animation Curves Broken
  • Animation Event Key
  • Animation Event Key Audio
  • Animation Event Key Particle
  • Animation Event Key Material
  • Unity Hotkey Chart

Lesson 8: Course Conclusion

  • Course Conclusion
  • Course Completion Certificate

Learning Materials:

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Course Content
3D Game Development with Unity 3D

   • Getting Started and Setting Up
   • Introduction to the Unity 3D Interface
   • Unity 3D Navigation
   • Introduction to the Unity 3D Toolbar
   • Important Unity 3D Features
   • Introduction to Unity 3D Projects
   • Introduction to Animation
   • Course Conclusion


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