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2956 - Core Foundations of Microsoft .NET 2.0 Development

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to program Microsoft .NET Framework applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 development system.

This course helps students to prepare for Exam 70-536, which is a core requirement for the MCTS certification. With the release of this course, Microsoft Partners will be able to provide their customers with a complete certification track in the classroom.


2956 - Core Foundations of Microsoft .NET 2.0 Development course offered by MasterGrade.

Who should attend?

The audience for this course consists of application developers with the skills to develop business applications by using Visual Studio 2005 and either Microsoft Visual Basic development system or Microsoft Visual C# development tool.

At Course Completion:

After completing this course, students will gain the skills to:

  • • Develop applications that use system types and collections.
  • • Implement service processes, threading, and application domains in a .NET Framework application.
  • • Embed configuration, diagnostic, management, and installation features into a .NET Framework application.
  • • Implement serialization and input/output functionality in a .NET Framework application.

2956 - Core Foundations of Microsoft .NET 2.0 Development

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Understand the purpose and components of the .NET 2.0 Framework and the common language runtime.
  • Understand and use the .NET Framework 2.0 common type system (CTS).
  • Understand basic language syntax for decision structures, loop structures, and variables.
  • Write code by using language-specific functionality such as the My. classes for Visual Basic.
  • Understand and use classes, objects, methods, properties, and functions.
  • Write code to implement overridden methods, static (Visual C#) or Shared (Visual Basic) methods, and properties.
  • Use type conversions and text conversions.
  • Create and use solutions and projects by using Visual Studio 2005.
  • Use the Visual Studio 2005 object browser and the Visual Studio help system.

Module 1: Developing Applications by Using Types and Standard Contracts

  • Explaining Value Types and Reference Types
  • Working with Generic Types
  • Implementing .NET Standard Contracts
  • Implementing Delegates and Events
  • Working with Attributes and Exceptions

Module 2: Managing Common Data by Using Collections

  • Working with Object-Based Collections
  • Working with Generic Collections
  • Working with Specialized Collections

Module 3: Deploying and Configuring Assemblies

  • Installing and Configuring Assemblies
  • Installing Assemblies by Using the Installer
  • Configuring Assemblies
  • Configuring the .NET Framework

Module 4: Monitoring and Debugging Applications

  • Working with Application Processes
  • Managing Application Performance
  • Reading and Writing to an Event Log
  • Debugging and Tracing Applications

Module 5: Reading and Writing Files

  • Managing the File System
  • Reading and Writing Data by Using Streams
  • Compressing and Protecting Data by Using Streams
  • Improving Application Security by Using Isolated Storage

Module 6: Serializing Data

  • Serializing and Deserializing Objects by Using Runtime Serialization
  • Customizing the Runtime Serialization and Deserialization Processes
  • Serializing and Deserializing Objects As XML Data


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Course Content
2956 - Core Foundations of Microsoft .NET 2.0 Development

  • Developing Applications by Using Types and Standard Contracts
  • Managing Common Data by Using Collections
  • Deploying and Configuring Assemblies
  • Monitoring and Debugging Applications
  • Reading and Writing Files
  • Serializing Data



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