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Microsoft Outlook 2016 Course Training

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  • Performing Popular Tasks in Outlook 2016
  • Organizing Contacts
  • Using Signature and Themes
  • New Features in Outlook 2016

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Instructor Led Learning

  Duration: 1 Day per level

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Video Learning

  Duration: 1 Day per level

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Microsoft Outlook 2016 Course overview

Microsoft Outlook 2016 - Part 1: This Microsoft Outlook training class introduces the 2016 interface and gets students up and running quickly working with messages, calendars, and contacts.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 - Part 2: This Microsoft Outlook training class builds on basic skills in Outlook and teaches students to work with some of the more advanced features of Outlook.

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Who should attend Microsoft Outlook 2016 training?

Microsoft Outlook training targets all individuals and companies that incorporates the Microsoft Office Suite. If perhaps you are just looking to UPGRADE YOURSELF or UPGRADE YOUR EMPLOYEES, then this is the perfect course for you. This course is intended for students who have little or no familiarity with Microsoft Outlook 2016 or more experienced Word users who want to learn the topics covered in this course in the 2016 interface.

Lets get technical: Information Technology forms part of our everyday society. Keeping up to date with the latest software or hardware packages, is what makes us more competitive and marketable in managing our skillsets.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Set up accounts and work with messages.
  • Work with calendars and contacts.
  • Work with the Backstage View.
  • Work with signatures and themes.
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Let [Ctrl]Z become you best friend in Outlook (2000/2002/2003)

Pressing [Ctrl]Z reverses many actions in Outlook. For example, if you move a message to a different folder, delete a message, or type a sentence you don't want to include in an email, just press [Ctrl]Z to undo the action. You must press [Ctrl]Z, however, before performing any other action. This doesn't work for everything (i.e., you can’t undo sending a message or meeting request), but give it a try next time you accidentally perform a step. You may be pleasantly surprised at the power of this handy little keyboard shortcut.

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3 Steps to understand your own computer


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What you will learn
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Course

Course Content - Microsoft Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 1

  • Lesson 1 :The Outlook 2016 Interface
  • Lesson 2 :Performing Popular Tasks in Outlook 2016
  • Lesson 3 :Working with Messages
  • Lesson 4 :Working with the Calendar
  • Lesson 5 :Organizing Contacts
  • Lesson 6 :New Features in Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 2

  • Lesson 1 : Working with Tasks and Note
  • Lesson 2 :Using Signature and Themes
  • Lesson 3 :Managing Your Inbox
  • Lesson 4 :Working with Multiple Email Accounts
  • Lesson 5 :New Features in Outlook 2016

Full course outline
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Course

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 1

Lesson 1: The Outlook 2016 Interface

  • Overview of the Outlook Interface
  • The Ribbon
  • Tabs, Groups, and Commands on the Ribbon
  • The Backstage View (File Menu)

Lesson 2: Performing Popular Tasks in Outlook 2016

  • Setting Up an Email Account
  • Open Email Messages
  • Reply to and Forward Email Messages
  • IPreview and Save an Attachment
  • Print a Message
  • Delete a Message
  • Save a Message in an Alternate Format

Lesson 3: Working with Messages

  • Compose a Message
  • Add an Attachment
  • Add Voting Options
  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Format Text
  • Use Microsoft Word to Edit Messages
  • Insert a Hyperlink or Image in a Message
  • Send a Message

Lesson 4:Working with the Calendar

  • Change Your Calendar View
  • Set Up Availability Status
  • Print Your Schedule
  • Share Your Calendar
  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Make Updates to Meetings
  • Cancel a Meeting
  • Reply to a Meeting Invitation
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Make Updates to an Appointment
  • Create Calendar Groups
  • Delete a Calendar
  • Work with Calendar Items
  • Using Multiple Calendars

Lesson 5: Organizing Contacts

  • Add, Delete, Import, and Print a Contact
  • Update a Contact
  • Locate a Contact
  • Sort Contacts
  • Work with Contact Groups
  • Manage Multiple Address Books
  • Perform a Mail Merge

Lesson 6: New Features in Outlook 2016

  • Tell Me
  • Improvements to Attachments
  • New Chinese and Japanese Fonts
  • The Email Address Internationalization (EAI) Feature

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Level 2

Lesson 1: Working with Tasks and Note

  • Create a Task
  • Print a Task
  • Update a Task
  • Search for Tasks
  • Assign a Task
  • Reply to a Task Request
  • Track Tasks
  • Change Your Task View
  • Work with Notes

Lesson 2: Using Signature and Themes

  • Create Signatures and Themes
  • Automatically Add a Signature to Messages
  • Organize Messages
  • Search Messages
  • Manage Junk Mail
  • Manage Your Mailbox

Lesson 3: Managing Your Inbox

  • Search for Messages
  • Create Calander Groups
  • Add New Local Folders
  • Move Messages between Folders
  • Group Your Mailbox Items
  • Filter Messages
  • Organize Messages
  • Create and Manage Rules

Lesson 4: Working with Multiple Email Accounts

  • Working with Multiple Email Accounts
  • Send Emails from Different Accounts
  • POP vs. IMAP Email Programs

Lesson 5: New Features in Outlook 2016

  • Groups in Outlook
  • Improved Searching
  • The Clutter Feature