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Excel 2013 Power Programming With VBA

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  • Working with UserForms
  • Developing Applications
  • Advanced Programming Techniques
  • Understanding Visual Basic for Applications

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  Duration: 5 Days

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Excel 2013 Power Programming With VBA Course overview

In this course students will apply the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language to simplify many of the tasks that you can perform using various tools and functions in Excel 2013.

This course covers the full spectrum of Microsoft Excel – from understanding the basics to advanced Excel programming.

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Who will benefit from this training?

This short course is specifically designed for anyone who uses the Microsoft Office system, especially for those who use it to prepare spreadsheets or tables.

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What you will learn
Excel 2013 Power Programming With VBA Course

Course Content - Excel 2013 Power Programming With VBA

  • Lesson 1 :Some Essential Background
  • Lesson 2 :Understanding Visual Basic for Applications
  • Lesson 3 :Working with UserForms
  • Lesson 4 :Advanced Programming Techniques
  • Lesson 5 :Developing Applications
  • Lesson 6 :Other Topics
  • Lesson 7 :Appendixes

Full course outline
Excel 2013 Power Programming With VBA Course

Lesson 1: Some Essential Background

  • Excel in a Nutshell
  • Formula Tricks and Techniques
  • Formula Tricks and Techniques
  • Essentials of Spreadsheet Application Development

Lesson 2: Understanding Visual Basic for Applications.

  • Introducing Visual Basic for Applications
  • VBA Programming Fundamentals
  • Working with VBA Sub Procedures
  • Creating Function Procedures
  • VBA Programming Examples and Techniques

Lesson 3: Working with UserForms

  • Custom Dialog Box Alternatives
  • Introducing UserForms
  • UserForm Examples
  • Advanced UserForm Techniques

Lesson 4: Advanced Programming Techniques

  • Developing Excel Utilities with VBA
  • Working With Pivot Tables
  • Working with Charts
  • Understanding Excel’s Events
  • Interacting with Other Applications
  • Creating and Using Add-Ins

Lesson 5:Developing Applications

  • Working with the Ribbon
  • Working with Shortcut Menus
  • Providing Help for Your Applications
  • Developing User-Oriented Applications

Lesson 6: Other Topics

  • Compatibility Issues
  • Manipulating Files with VBA
  • Manipulating Visual Basic Components
  • Understanding Class Modules
  • Working with Colors
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Excel Programming

Lesson 7: OAppendixes

  • VBA Statements and Functions Reference
  • VBA Error Codes
  • This Book’s Website