Microsoft Office Courses from beginners to advance!

The unique Microsoft Office certification is globally accepted and determines the user’s level of proficiency in Microsoft Office applications. let our Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) program measure your expertise in Microsoft desktop applications, and get the credentials!

Microsoft Excel

Learn how to create professional spreadsheets that improves the way you turn data into information using powerful tools to analyze, communicate, and share your results, with Microsoft Excel!

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Microsoft Word

Learn how to use innovative tools and features to more easily create, share, and create great-looking documents, with Microsoft Word!

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Microsoft Access

Learn how to improve the way you organize, access, display, and share information, with Microsoft Access!

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Microsoft Outlook

Learn how to improve the way you manage information, communicate with others,schedule and organize your work-all from one place, with Microsoft Outlook!

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Microsoft Project

Learn how to create better project plans, save time and manage your project by linking task dependency types, with Microsoft Project!

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn how to easily create impressive presentations! Take control in that board room!, with Microsoft PowerPoint!

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Microsoft Publisher

Learn why Microsoft Publisher is the comprehensive business publishing and marketing materials solution!

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Microsoft Visio

Learn about the Microsoft Office business and technical diagramming program what makes Microsoft Visio a better way to visualize your business!

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SharePoint Online for Administrators Training Course: 55238-B

Learn how to plan, install, configure, and manage a SharePoint Online environment and to configure and manage features, services and web applications in SharePoint Online

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