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Are you interested in mastering Microsoft Office?


The unique MOS certification is globally accepted and determines the user’s level of proficiency in Microsoft Office applications. Do our Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) program, let it measures your expertise in Microsoft desktop applications, and get the credential!


All you need to do is enrol for our Microsoft Office Specialist program. This globally accepted credential is only a course away. What are you waiting for? Become fully proficient in all Microsoft Office applications and set yourself apart from the rest!

Microsoft Office courses and training offered by MasterGrade.

Rise Above with Microsoft Office Training


When considering software programs, Microsoft Office suite is probably the most widely-used collective. Most people are familiar with Microsoft Office applications but professional training can help you utilise programs like Excel and PowerPoint even more efficiently and successfully.


There is a reason why the Microsoft Office training course and certification is one of the most popular courses on our books. Now you too can reach your full potential with Microsoft Office certification. Stay ahead of the competition – contact MasterGrade today to keep up-to-date with the latest Office technology. 

Below are our current Microsoft Office courses:

Microsoft Word Course

Learn how to use innovative tools and features to more easily create, share, and create great-looking documents, with Microsoft Word!

Word 2010 Course details »
Word 2013 Course details »


Microsoft Access Course

Learn how to improve the way you organize, access, display, and share information, with Microsoft Access!

Access 2010 Course details »
Access 2013 Course details »


Microsoft Excel Course

Learn how to create professional spreadsheets that improves the way you turn data into information using powerful tools to analyze, communicate, and share your results, with Microsoft Excel!

Excel 2010 Course details »
Excel 2013 Course details »


Microsoft Outlook Course

Learn how to improve the way you manage information, communicate with others,schedule and organize your work-all from one place, with Microsoft Outlook!

Outlook 2010 Course details »
Outlook 2013 Course details »


Microsoft PowerPoint Course

Learn how to easily create impressive presentations! Take control in that board room!, with Microsoft PowerPoint!

PowerPoint 2010 Course details »
PowerPoint 2013 Course details »


Microsoft Project Course

Learn how to create better project plans, save time and manage your project by linking task dependency types, with Microsoft Project!

Click for full Project Course details »


Microsoft Visio Course

In this course, students will design and manage basic diagrams, workflows, and flowcharts.

Click for full Visio Course details »


Microsoft Publisher Course

Learn why Microsoft Publisher is the comprehensive business publishing and marketing materials solution!

Click for full Publisher Course details »


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It’s very fun and interesting. Love It!!

- Shaun Brown

I will recommend New Horizons to anyone that is serious about getting certification.

- Zaheer Isaacs

Very informative; Excel is a great course to start off with. I like the neat classrooms and the personal attention!

- René Leandro Borges

I enjoyed doing the course in my own time!

- Sadia Abrahams