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Photoshop Photo Printing and Colour Course

You are familiar with the Photoshop tools and techniques used to design and create images. Applying the correct image and color correction processes and techniques ensures that you get the desired output while printing images for commercial purposes.
In this course, students will use color management techniques and color correct images to ensure optimal print output.

Photoshop Photo Printing and Colour course offered at MasterGrade IT.

Who should attend this Course?

This course is intended for photo professionals or enthusiasts who have a basic foundation of Adobe Photoshop CS5 and are interested in using Photoshop for printing and color correction. This course covers the Adobe Certified Associate exam objectives, and is intended to help students prepare for the examination.

Photoshop Photo Printing and Colour

Lesson 1: Understanding Color Modes and Workflow

  • Compare Color Modes
  • Examine Color Workflow

Lesson 2: Setting Color Space

  • Calibrate and Profile the Monitor
  • Set a Working Color Space in Photoshop
  • Convert Images from One Color Space to Another
  • Manage Printing and Color

Lesson 3: Using Advanced Image Support

  • Use the Camera Raw Format
  • Create High Dynamic Range Images
  • Enhance Images Using Lens Correction Filter
  • Preview an Image on a Video Monitor

Lesson 4: Combining Images

  • Merge and Rescale Images
  • Blend Images

Lesson 5: Enhancing Image Quality

  • Reduce Noise in Images
  • Sharpen Images
  • Minimize Moiré Patterns
  • Eliminate Red Eye Defects

Lesson 6: Adjusting RGB Colors

  • Identify Color Regions for Color Correction
  • Make Color and Contrast Adjustments
  • Make Basic Curve Adjustments
  • Correct Memory Colors
  • Adjust Shadows and Highlights Independently

Lesson 7: Creating CMYK Separations

  • Adjust Color Settings for Prepress
  • Examine Calibration Techniques
  • Adjust Out-of-Gamut Colors
  • Color Separate Images
  • Adjust CMYK Curves

Lesson 8: Working with Grayscale Images and Spot Colors

  • Convert Color Images to Grayscale Images
  • Export a File as an SWF File
  • Add Spot Colors to Selected Areas of an Image


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Course Content

Photoshop Photo Printing and Colour

•  Understanding Color Modes and Workflow
•  Setting Color Space
•  Using Advanced Image Support
•  Combining Images
•  Enhancing Image Quality
•  Adjusting RGB Colors
•  Creating CMYK Separations
•  Working with Grayscale Images and Spot Colors


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