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Easy DSLR Online Digital Photography Advanced courses

This online digital photography course is designed for beginning photographers who want to use DSLR cameras to take gorgeous photographs.With this Photography course, anyone can take professional photographs regardless of prior experience without getting a degree, without wading through a tedious 400 page photography book, and without spending months searching the internet for resources


Photography for Advanced courses offered by MasterGrade.

About This Course

Learn to take photographs like the pros.The Easy DSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced builds on the Beginner's Course by exploring more advanced photography topics such as night photography, nature photography and time lapse photography. You will also learn how to use free image editing software and Photoshop to create stunningly professional images.

    What you will learn:
    • Taking better portraits
    • Nature photography
    • Night photography
    • Time lapse photography
    • Image editing with free editing software
    • Understanding image formats
    • Basic and advanced Photoshop editing
    • Shooting video with your DSLR camera
    • Gear recommendations


Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for beginning photographers who have either taken the Beginner's Course or already have some knowledge of taking great photographs.

Easy DSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced

Lesson 1: Taking Better Portraits

  • This module gives you an Overview of the Easy DSLR Advanced Course.

Lesson 2: What Is a DSLR?

  • Lens Choice – This is where we can apply the knowledge from the Composition Video.
  • The next key thing is Lighting – flattering lighting can be achieved a few ways – using Fill Flash, using Flash Diffuser, and using Off Camera Flash and Reflectors.

Lesson 3: Taking Night Photographs

  • Why Long Shutter Speeds make great Night Photos
  • What ISO settings you should use - Hint: Not high
  • Using Small Apertures for large DOF
  • Why Manual Exposure is better
  • Autofocus can have trouble at night
  • Creative use of White Balance in night photos
  • How to photograph Fireworks

Lesson 4: Taking Nature Photographs

  • In this video I cover some tips for taking great Nature photographs of - Birds, flowers, landscape, silky rivers and stunning sunsets.

Lesson 5: Macro Photography

  • How Macro Photography can open up a New World of Photos
  • What Options there are for taking Macro Photos
  • An effective and affordable Macro solution (my favorite)
  • Why you need a Tripod for Most Macro Photos
  • An essential accessory for making Tripod photos easiere
  • DOF and Macro shots
  • Using Predictable lighting in Indoor Macro shots

Lesson 6: High Dynamic Range Imaging

  • What HDRI is
  • How to take images for HDRI
  • Using Exposure Bracketing or Manually taking different exposures
  • HDRI Processing using Photomatix Pro
  • Types of HDRI processing and display
  • AWhen to use HDRI
  • Types of scenes that benefit from HDRI with Before and After examples

Lesson 7: Time Lapse Photography

  • How to set up a Time Lapse sequence
  • Important equipment for Time Lapse
  • Key Settings for Time Lapse sequences
  • Tips for Processing your Time Lapse sequences into Video

Lesson 8: Image Formats Explained

  • Introduction to Image Editing
  • The 2 Main Image Formats
  • What Image Resolution is
  • JPG Compression and the effect on Image Quality
  • Benefits of RAW Files
  • Basic Pixel Color Modes
  • Comparison of JPG and RAW formats

Lesson 9: Basic Image Editing

  • Improving the Composition of your Photos by Cropping and Rotating
  • A fix for Perspective in Photoshop
  • Adjusting Exposure or Tonal values in Photoshop and free software
  • Basic Color Correction of your image
  • Quick Red Eye Removal
  • Image Sharpening (effectively enhancing Focus)
  • Image Blur to simulate Depth of Field
  • I demonstrate these in Photoshop and free Online software

Lesson 10: Advanced Image Editing

  • RAW File editing in Camera Raw (Photoshop Plugin)
  • Limits of RAW file recovery
  • More Advanced Exposure and Color Tools in Photoshop
  • How to fix spots with Spot Healing Brush
  • The joys of the Clone Stamp Tool
  • Advanced Layer Editing using Layer Masks

Lesson 11: Introduction to Shooting DSLR Video

  • Main Benefits of DSLR Cameras for HD Video
  • A few Shortcomings of DSLR Video and how they are overcome
  • A brief introduction to the HD DSLR Revolution

Lesson 12: Shooting DSLR Video

  • Introduction to DSLR Video and how the Photo Triangle applies
  • Important Settings for good Video
  • Tips for taking great Video
  • Inexpensive Accessories that raise the level of your Video
  • How a Cheap Prime lens can give you awesome indoor footage
  • How to get “Film-like” Depth of Field in Bright Daylight
  • The One item that gives a Cinematic look to your Video

Lesson 13: Course Completion Certificate


Learning Materials:

Prerequisites: DSLR Beginners course or some knowledge of taking photographs

What course next:

5 hours

All included


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Course Content
Easy DSLR Online Digital Photography Course Advanced


  • Orientation to the Courses
  • Taking Better Portraits
  • Taking Night Photographs
  • Taking Nature Photographs
  • Macro Photography
  • High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • Time Lapse Photography
  • Image Formats Explained
  • Basic Image Editing
  • Advanced Image Editing
  • Introduction to Shooting DSLR Video
  • Shooting DSLR Video
  • Course Completion Certificate


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