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Effective Contract Negotiation for IT Managers

Contract negotiations play an important role in the IT sector. By understanding the nuances of contract negotiations, you can reap success in any kind of business endeavors for your organization.

In this course, as an IT manager, you will effectively negotiate contract terms and agreements with technology vendors and technical service providers to reach satisfactory outcomes.

Effective Contract Negotiation for IT Managers course offered by MasterGrade.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for entry-level IT managers or other IT managers who have no prior contract negotiation responsibilities.

Effective Contract Negotiation for IT Managers

Lesson 1: Exploring The Contract management Process

  • The Contract Management Process
  • Explore Contract Documents

Lesson 2: Planning For negotiation

  • Select the Negotiation Type
  • Define Negotiation Objectives
  • Assemble Your Negotiating Team

Lesson 3: Performing Negotiations

  • Prepare to Negotiate
  • Make the First Proposal
  • Counter the Offer or Proposal
  • Accept an Offer or Walk Away from Negotiations

Lesson 4: Negotiating In Special Circumstances

  • Perform aCross-Cultural Negotiation
  • Perform aCross-Generational Negotiation

Lesson 5: Refining your negotiating Skills

  • Determine the Skills of a Negotiator.
  • Factors in the Negotiation Strategy
  • Tips to Build Rapport
  • Identify theWays to Gain Vendor Commitment

Lesson 6: Creating winning results

  • Close the Deal
  • Evaluate the Success of the Negotiation
  • Ensure a Lasting Relationship


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Course Content
Effective Contract Negotiation for IT Managers

   • Exploring The Contract management Process
   • Planning For negotiation
   • Performing Negotiations
   • Negotiating In Special Circumstances
   • Refining your negotiating Skills
   • Creating winning results


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