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CBP - Business Communication

Express yourself with proper communication skills!

This module seeks to introduce the concept of business communication and some basic consideration of its practice.

CBP - Business Communication course offered at MasterGrade IT.

Who should attend?

The course is recommended for candidates who wish to specialize in a specific business skills segment.

CBP - Business Communication

Introduction to business communication

  • What is business communication
  • A model for communication
  • Encoder/decoder responsibility
  • Medium vs. Channel
  • Noise
  • Feedback
  • Some final questions
  • Verbal vs. Non verbal communication

Developing a business writing style

  • Identify the role of written communication
  • The qualities of written communication
  • Communication check list
  • Developing an effective writing style
  • Types of audiences
  • Types of business writing
  • Letter and memo formats
  • Business letters
  • Letter format styles
  • Business memos
  • Good news and persuasive correspondence
  • Positive messages
  • Persuasive messages
  • Managing report writing
  • Parts of a report
  • Netiquette

Writing for special circumstances

  • What is tactful writing
  • Rules of tactful writing
  • Writing a bad news letter
  • Why the need for persuasive writing

Developing oral communication skills

  • Speech styles or delivery formats
  • Elements of good oral communication
  • Principles of effective speeches

Developing effective presentation skills

  • What are the different types of presentations
  • Information presentations
  • Persuasive presentations
  • Goodwill presentations
  • The anxiety of presentations
  • Appropriate attire for presentations
  • Critical points when preparing for a presentation
  • Simple techniques for using visual aids
  • Tips for preparing and use of technology in a presentation
  • Importance of a presentation checklist
  • What you should include on a checklist

Dealing with business communication challenges

  • Active listening
  • Tips for active listening
  • What is conflict resolution
  • The manager’s responsibilities- mediation
  • Cross cultural challenges
  • Responsibility of the cross-cultural communicator


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Course Content
Business Communication

   • Introduction to business communication
   • Developing a business writing style
   • Types of business writing
   • Writing for special circumstances
   • Developing oral communication skills
   • Developing effective presentation skills
   • Dealing with business communication challenges


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