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Leverage YouTube to Drive Sales and Traffic

So, you followed the advice of the experts and created a YouTube channel. You even produced and uploaded some videos. Now you watch as the videos aren't viewed as many times as anticipated, and nobody seems to be subscribing to your channel.
Many people and businesses are successful on YouTube, but only because they know how to reach their market their videos.
Now there's an online course that can teach you the tricks successful YouTube marketers already know, and you're looking at it.
You may even have a successful YouTube channel already, but what do numbers matter to your business if they don't convert to sales or leads?
YouTube visitors tend to convert and click deeper into websites than visitors from other social sites. Are you taking full advantage of this motivated audience?


What Will This Course Do For Me?

Learn how to optimize your YouTube channel to drive more traffic to your website or social media accounts; and learn to generate more sales and leads from within your YouTube videos. Go Viral When videos go viral it's not just luck, it's due to innovative and consistent marketing efforts that lead to word of mouth domination. If you want your videos to go viral, the secrets in this course are what you need to make it happen in real life.


  • Optimizing and customizing your YouTube channel

  • Uploading optimized videos

  • Annotations and other YouTube video features

  • Adding interactive features to YouTube videos

  • Introduction to YouTube playlists

  • Creating video galleries from playlists

  • Promoting YouTube videos with Google Adwords

  • Placing your own call-to-action overlays in your videos

  • Placing and promoting videos in blogs

  • Promoting videos in Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Promoting videos in Google Plus and Slideshare

  • Engaging on YouTube


Learning Materials:


1 1/2 Hours

All included

No Prior Experience Required


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Course Content

   • Lesson 1: Introduction to leveraging YouTube
   • Lesson 2: Customizing and optimizing your YouTube channel
   • Lesson 3: Creating a custom channel background
   • Lesson 4: Uploading optimized YouTube videos
   • Lesson 5: Additional optimization techniques
   • Lesson 6: YouTube video features
   • Lesson 7: Adding interactive features to your videos
   • Lesson 8: Introduction to YouTube playlists
   • Lesson 9: Creating video galleries from playlists
   • Lesson 10: Promoting YouTube videos with Adwords
   • Lesson 11: Promoting your YouTube videos in the social web
   • Lesson 12: Engaging your audience on blogs and YouTube channels
   • Lesson 13: Video presentation best practices
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