Would you like to improve your Business Skills

Get hands-on experience with COBIT ® 5, ITIL Foundation, Train the Trainer, Microsoft CRM and many more.

  • Prospecting success strategies
  • Service Design
  • Turning followers into customers
  • Marketing to your followers

Welcome to MasterGrade IT's Business Skills Training.

MasterGrade IT Offers Business Skills training Courses, which teach you to evaluate how business resources are used to serve your customers and how you can be more profitable. MasterGrade IT's Business courses will give you more effective knowledge on businesses.

Here you will learn the basics of Business Skills which can lay a perfect foundation for any future course you wish to pursue at MasterGrade IT.

Business Skills

Certified Business Professional

The CBP Professional credential is for professionals who wish to possess the business skills

  • First contact success strategies
  • Introduction to customer service
  • Principles of exceptional work behaviour
  • Developing a vision and a mission
  • Team building for project leaders

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Business Skills

Cobit 5 Foundation Course

Cobit 5 Foundation Course Improve your Business Knowledge with Cobit 5 !

  • The Principles of COBIT 5
  • The 7 Enablers of COBIT 5
  • Cobit 5 Implementation
  • Process Capability Assessment
  • Exam Preparation
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Business Skills

(ITIL)Information Technology Infrastructure Library® course

Teaches the concepts, benefits and processes required to deliver world class customer service .

  • Improved customer satisfaction through a more
  • Improve Incident Management
  • Improve IT Services
  • Improve Problem Management
  • Improve Configuration Management
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Business Skills

Microsoft CRM Course Training

Microsoft CRM is an industry term for software solutions .

  • Configuring Business Units
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Introduction to Marketing Management
  • Introduction to Service Management
  • Planning the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation
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Business Skills

Learn Marketing on Pinterest for Businesses

If you simply create an account, you will find out quickly that you will have no success.

  • How to be successful on Pinterest
  • Marketing to your followers
  • Critical Pinterest fucntionalities
  • Turning followers into customerss
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Business Skills

Leverage YouTube to Drive Sales and Traffic

Learn how to optimize your YouTube channel to drive more traffic.

  • Introduction to leveraging YouTube
  • Customizing and optimizing your YouTube
  • Adding interactive features to your videos
  • Promoting YouTube videos with Adwords
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Business Skills

Six Sigma Course Training

MasterGrade IT offers Six Sigma training and courses to help your organization become more efficient .

  • Reduce Process cycle time
  • Reduce Pollution
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
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