Pastel Intermediate Training Course

The next step to your career in Bookkeeping. Handle payroll for companies.

  • Learn how to Install the Pastel Software
  • Work in the Demo Company
  • Initiate Auto Setup for a Company
  • Edit Masterfiles
  • Process Supplier,Customer, Cash Books
  • Learn how to Monthly Processing


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Instructor Led Learning

  Duration: 4 Days

  Learning Material : All included.

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Video Learning

  Duration: 4 Days

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Pastel Intermediate Course

If you use Pastel and want to improve your skills, or if you have a basic understanding of bookkeeping and want to learn how to apply this knowledge to a computerised system, this course is for you.


Pastel Intermediate Training Course Overview

This comprehensive Pastel training course will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a bookkeeper to trial balance function using Pastel Partner.

Today's modern bookkeeper makes full use of the calculating power of computerized accounting by Using the Pastel accounting system, bookkeepers are not only improving their efficiency but are also saving valuable time. This Pastel training will also allow you to have knowledge on Pastel Payroll for any future reference.

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Is the Pastel Intermediate Course for you?

This course is for those who want to take their next step in bookkeeping career. If you want to improve your skills using Pastel software, this course is for you.


Basic Windows Skills »
  • Use a mouse
  • Type and use a keyboard
  • Navigate through Windows files and folders
  • Work with Windows - minimise, maximise, open and close

Sage Pastel certification

A Sage Pastel certification is a globally accepted means of assessing an essential set of abilities . When employees are confident using Sage Pastel, they will deliver a significant return on investment back to their employer.

3 Steps to Become Pastel Intermediate Expert


Take a


Write an



What you will learn

Pastel Intermediate Training Course
  • Lesson 1: Installation
  • Lesson 2: Working in the Demo Company
  • Lesson 3: Creating a New Company
  • Lesson 4: Auto Setup
  • Lesson 5: Edit Masterfiles
  • Lesson 6: Supplier Processing
  • Lesson 7: Customer Processing
  • Lesson 8: Cash Book Processing
  • Lesson 9: Monthly Processing
  • Lesson 10: Take on Balances

Pastel Intermediate Training Course Full outline

Lesson 1: Installation

  • Preparing to install
  • Installing and registering Pastel Partner

Lesson 2: Working in the Demo Company

  • Open a company in Pastel
  • Navigation methods

Lesson 3: Creating a New Company

  • Setting up a company
  • Using the Pastel Partner setup assistant.

Lesson 4: Auto Setup

  • Auto setup menu
  • Auto setup process

Lesson 5: Edit Masterfiles

  • Edit General Ledger
  • Edit Suppliers
  • Edit Inventory
  • Edit Customers

Lesson 6: Supplier Processing

  • Create a purchase order
  • Goods received notesl
  • Supplier invoices
  • Return and debit
  • Supplier journal

Lesson 7: Customer Processing

  • Create a quotation
  • Sales orders
  • Tax invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Debit notes
  • Customer journals

Lesson 8: Cash Book Processing

  • Settings
  • Processing in the cash book
  • Inter-Account transfers

Lesson 9: Monthly Processing

  • Customer monthly processes
  • Supplier monthly processes
  • Other monthly processes
  • Processing in cash book

Lesson 10: Take On Balances

  • Taking on General Ledger balances
  • Taking on Customer balances
  • Taking on Supplier balances
  • Taking on Inventory balances

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