"People do not invest in education because they are rich. They become rich because they invest in education."

- Gabriel Verhoef

Accounting Certifications

Revolutionise your accounting skills by maximising your earning potential.

Are you an aspiring or practicing bookkeeper? If so, you could revolutionise your job by obtaining Pastel certification through MasterGrade – and you’ll boost your earning potential too!

Accounting Certifications offered at MasterGrade.

Below are our current Pastel Accounting Certification Courses:


Pastel Accounting Certification courses explained

Completing your bookkeeping tasks has never been simpler or more efficient, thanks to this advanced accounting certification. As South Africa’s computer training specialists, we will help you master this essential bookkeeping certification in just a few days.

With the MasterGrade Pastel Fundamentals course, you only need two days to gain a basic understanding of the Pastel accounting program. For those who have already obtained a Pastel accounting certification, we offer superb courses aimed at further enhancing these skills (e.g Pastel Xpress and Pastel Partner accounting certifications).

Why do I need a Pastel Accounting Certification?

Nowadays, most tasks – from typing letters to solving complicated equations – are done on computers. Bookkeepers in particular have enjoyed the faster, more efficient means of undertaking accounting tasks on a PC, and piles of books have been swept aside to make space for streamlined computer technology.

Do you know how to use Pastel accounting software? As a bookkeeper or business owner, it is an essential skill to have. Using electronic bookkeeping packages saves time, promotes efficiency and greatly reduces the risk of human error. Simply put, any person hoping to embark upon a career as a bookkeeper must be proficient in Pastel – the accounting software favoured by businesses the world over.

Benefits of Attaining an Accounting Certification through MasterGrade

With a Pastel accounting certification from MasterGrade, you will be qualified to apply for a position as a junior bookkeeper in any company that makes use of this popular software. You would also have the required skills to start your own bookkeeping business – or to complete the accounting tasks for your own company.

As a junior bookkeeper, an accounting certification exposes you to far more job opportunities than ever before – and with a bit of experience, it significantly increases your earning potential.

In short, it is an essential qualification for any bookkeeper – and thanks to MasterGrade, obtaining this vital bookkeeping certification is fast, affordable and more accessible than ever.

The Pastel Accounting courses are available in both Cape Town and Gauteng.

Become Proficient in the world’s most popular accounting software – in just TWO DAYS!

When you sign up for a Pastel certification course with MasterGrade, we will provide all the training, guidance and support you will need to attain this valuable qualification. We will ensure that you are prepared for the Pastel Xpress or Pastel Partner exams, which, once completed and passed, will qualify you as a junior bookkeeper.

We are on hand at all times to answer your questions. In fact, you can chat to us live right now if you have any queries about our Pastel certification courses. Alternatively, simply click to get a quote for our Pastel Fundamentals, Pastel Xpress, Pastel Partner, Pastel Payroll courses.



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