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MasterGrade IT ® offers a variety of certifications to take your IT Skills and Career to the next level.

Microsoft Certification


Cisco Certification


Comptia Certification



We provide courses to thousands of students each year - more than any other company. Every course follows the Microsoft Official Curriculum and is taught by a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

As a Microsoft Silver Learning Partner, MasterGrade IT® is Microsoft verified in all Microsoft training courses from Word and Excel to PowerPoint and Outlook. Learn how to use Microsoft Office quickly with our short Microsoft training courses.

MasterGrade IT® has reached the status of Gold Certified Partner by demonstrating increased levels of developer certification, deep real-world experience, and by providing completed customer reference projects that were independently verified by Microsoft for all the courses on offer.

Current Microsoft Certifications:


Windows Client

MCITP Enterprise Desktop Administrator »

MCITP Enterprise Administrator »

MCITP Database Developer 2008 »

MCITP Business Intelligence Developer 2008 »

    Windows Server

MCITP Server Administrator »

MCITP Database Administrator 2008 »


Windows Client

MCTS Windows 7 Configuration  »

MCTS Windows Applications »

MCTS Web Applications »

MCTS Distributed Applications »

    Windows Server

MCTS Active Directory  »

MCTS Network Infrastructure »

MCTS Applications Infrastructure  »

MCTS SQL Server 2008 - Implementation And Maintenance »

MCTS SQL Server 2008, Database Development »

MCTS SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance »


Windows Server

MCSA SQL Server 2012 »


Windows Server

MCSE Private Cloud - Coming Soon! »

MCSE Data Platform 2012 Certification »


Windows Client

MOS Certification »

Benefits of Attaining a Microsoft Certification through MasterGrade IT®

MasterGrade IT® has received two competencies through Microsoft which adds to the credibility of its courses:

Competency: Learning Solutions

Lutz Ziob, general manager for Microsoft Learning:  "The Learning Solutions Competency ensures that customers receive high-quality, consultative IT skills and technology solutions from industry experts."

With the Learning Solutions Competency, we specialise in delivering high-end technical learning solutions to our customers.

Competency: Networking Infrastructure Solutions

Microsoft Silver Certified Partners enrolled in the Networking Infrastructure Solutions Competency have proved their competency in implementing technology solutions based on either the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows® 2000 Server operating system, with a particular focus on Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 and Windows Small Business Server 2003.

These implementations may include: crafting solutions that connect Windows-based servers, PC locations and the Internet; installing a server farm; or building a small-business Windows Server stand-alone solution that includes file and print capabilities.


As Cisco Learning Partner, MasterGrade IT employs Certified Cisco Systems Instructors and delivers Cisco authorized and approved content and certification-preparation courses

The Cisco and Linux trends started in early 2004. The hottest certifications are firstly CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert), followed by CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional), and finally CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) – currently the most common course as it is the most affordable. South African companies are becoming more and more willing to send their staff for training in Cape Town as it enables employees to study in an environment away from work distractions.

Current Cisco Certifications:

• CCNA »

• CCNP »

Companies obtain Cisco certification training for a variety of reasons, but primarily because it can help them create a sustainable business model in a fast-changing environment where customers require focused technical expertise, value-added services and higher levels of satisfaction.

The trend towards Cisco and Linux started in the first quarter of 2004 and the hottest certifications are CCIE at the top end, and then CCNP, followed by CCNA which is currently the most common course due to affordability. Companies all over SA are willing to send staff for training in Cape Town as this enables them to study in an environment which is away from the distractions of work.

Many overseas clients also say it is often cheaper to fly candidates to Cape Town than have them train locally. The trend for foreign companies to send staff for training in SA started around six or seven years ago. He says more recently, they also began sending staff for training in India, away from the disruptions of home and office.


Cisco Certification Training

 Both resellers and non-resellers who provide professional services or solutions related to Cisco products are eligible to become Cisco Registered Partners through the Boston University Corporate Education Center's (BUCEC) Cisco certification training program. Companies obtain Cisco certification training for a variety of reasons, but primarily because it can help them create a sustainable business model in a fast-changing environment where customers require focused technical expertise, value-added services and higher levels of satisfaction.



Cisco certification training integration

The Cisco certification training program integrates many elements to create a points-based structure for overall program requirements. Programs integrated into Cisco certification training include the technology focus of each Cisco Partner Specialization, flexible individual career certification requirements, customer satisfaction targets, and pre- and post-sales support capabilities.


As part of the program requirement for Cisco certification training, the integration of specializations requires that each partner specialize in technology areas. The partners themselves may choose the technology area for specialization, but they first must earn a minimum number of specialization points to become certified.


Cisco certification training levels 

Partners can achieve three Cisco certification training levels: Gold, Silver and Premier Certification. Before Silver or Gold Certification is awarded, an independent firm conducts an on-site audit to ensure that your company has met all of the Cisco certification training program requirements. Cisco has introduced more discipline into the Cisco certification training program recently by requiring that partners renew their certification annually. An audit is required before Gold or Silver Re-certification is granted.



Cisco certification training benefits 

As the most respected program of its kind in the industry, the Cisco certification training program offers its partners many valuable benefits, including:





    Given that Cisco has one of the strongest brand names in the world, Cisco certification training partners instantly achieve enormous credibility. As a result, their end-customers feel more comfortable and secure purchasing from them.


  • Quality Standards

    Cisco is the only company that hires an objective third party to conduct audits of its Silver and Gold partners. The annual audits ensure that only the highest quality partners are part of the program and that they meet uniform standards set for Cisco certification training.
  • Best Practices

    Cisco certification training partners have access to the same tools that Cisco uses to drive its own customer satisfaction, including regular customer satisfaction surveys and other Cisco Best Practices
  • .
  • Profitability

    The Cisco certification training program provides a level playing field so that value-add partners are not at a disadvantage to pure hardware resellers.
  • Partner Locator

    Cisco's Web site allows end-customers to search globally for partners who are qualified for specific sales situations. Information regarding partner qualifications, certifications and specializations is available.
  • Technology Learning

    To stay at the forefront of their respective markets, Cisco certification training partners have access to the very latest networking technologies through a variety of learning tools.

As an authorized provider of CompTIA training solutions, MasterGrade IT offers courses that provide real-world skills for entry-level computer service technicians and networking professionals in any location.

For 23 years, the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), has been dedicated to advancing the growth of the information technology (IT) industry and those working within it. With more than 19,000 members in 89 countries, CompTIA is the leading global IT trade association with influence in all areas of the IT industry worldwide. Headquartered in Chicago, CompTIA also has offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Ottawa, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C.

Current CompTIA Certifications:

• A+ »
• N+ »
• Linux+ »
• Server+ »
• Security+ »

CompTIA Certificates and Certifications

For individuals, attaining CompTIA Certification means increased job security, additional career opportunities and increased credibility in the workplace. For businesses, hiring certified workers means higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity and lower employee turnover.

Each CompTIA course offering has a respective certification or certificate offering available for purchase through a MasterGrade IT® Center. 

Certification Renewal

In compliance with ISO and in order to maintain the ISO 17024 accreditation a renewal policy for CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ was established. Effective January 1, 2011, all new CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ or CompTIA Security+ certifications will be valid for three years from the date the candidate is certified. After three years, the certification must be renewed. This can be done by passing the most current exam for a respective certification or by participating in CompTIA's upcoming new continuing education program, which will allow individuals to keep their skills current and their certification up to date without retesting.

MasterGrade IT® Authorized Training Centers

As a CompTIA Authorized Partner Program, MasterGrade IT® has a vast number of authorized training centers throughout the world. Providing a one-of-a-kind training experience using proven course content and labs, MasterGrade IT® uses only CompTIA Authorized Instructors.


Revolutionise your accounting skills by maximising your earning potential.MasterGrade IT offers Pastel Accounting courses for you to improve your knowledge.
Enroll today and get a certification.

Are you an aspiring or practicing bookkeeper? If so, you could revolutionise your job by obtaining Pastel certification through MasterGrade – and you’ll boost your earning potential too!

Pastel Accounting Certification courses explained

Completing your bookkeeping tasks has never been simpler or more efficient, thanks to this advanced accounting certification. As South Africa’s computer training specialists, we will help you master this essential bookkeeping certification in just a few days.

With the MasterGrade Pastel Fundamentals course, you only need two days to gain a basic understanding of the Pastel accounting program. For those who have already obtained a Pastel accounting certification, we offer superb courses aimed at further enhancing these skills (e.g Pastel Xpress and Pastel Partner accounting certifications).

Why do I need a Pastel Accounting Certification?

Nowadays, most tasks – from typing letters to solving complicated equations – are done on computers. Bookkeepers in particular have enjoyed the faster, more efficient means of undertaking accounting tasks on a PC, and piles of books have been swept aside to make space for streamlined computer technology.

Do you know how to use Pastel accounting software? As a bookkeeper or business owner, it is an essential skill to have. Using electronic bookkeeping packages saves time, promotes efficiency and greatly reduces the risk of human error. Simply put, any person hoping to embark upon a career as a bookkeeper must be proficient in Pastel – the accounting software favoured by businesses the world over.